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You work in the evening ? Google Drive finally thinks of you

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Those who work evenings and use Google's productivity suite should benefit from a better experience, thanks to an update that the Mountain View firm announced this week. Indeed, for those who use dark mode on their computers, the firm is finally offering an adaptation of its Google Drive service.

As a reminder, dark mode provides better eye comfort in the evening, reduces blue light emissions (which can reduce the quality of sleep), and reduces distractions. In addition, on certain types of screen, dark mode can also reduce energy consumption and therefore extend the battery life of a device.

And now , the web version of Google Drive, the one we use on computers, has a dark mode. As with other applications that already benefit from a dark mode, Google Drive web now offers an interface on which light backgrounds are replaced by a dark background.

You work in the evening ? Google Drive finally thinks of you

Light backgrounds in Google Drive become dark when the mode is enabled. © Google

Available for everyone

The deployment of this dark mode on the web version of Google Drive is being done gradually. And the feature will be available to all users, whether subscribers or businesses using Google Workspace, or people using a personal Google account.

If the feature is already available on your account, Google Drive may greet you with a pop-up window presenting the new feature. This window allows you to choose between the light interface, the dark interface or an adaptation of Google Drive to the settings of your device (the interface switches to dark mode when your computer switches to dark mode).

You work in the evening ? Google Drive finally thinks of you

Google presents the new dark mode to its users

Otherwise, the new setting is also accessible by going to the Google Drive settings, then in the Appearance section.

You work in the evening ? Google Drive finally thinks of you

The setting is also available in the Google Drive settings

  • Google already offers a dark mode on many applications
  • And now the dark interface is also available on the desktop web version of Google Drive
  • The feature is rolling out and is available to all users, even for those who just have an individual Google account
  • In addition to improving eye comfort, dark mode can also help extend the battery life of certain devices

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