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Your future bank card will not look like today's: here's why

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Moneyvox took a closer look at the card design changes of three different banking establishments: La Banque Postale, BNP Paribas, and Fortuneo. These banks have completely overhauled the look of their customers' bank cards, and the others should also follow. Beyond a simple stylistic evolution, these changes reflect a form of adaptation to new uses of the physical map.

A new face for bank cards

Traditionally, bank cards have 16 numbers embossed on their fronts. From now on, they will make way for more refined versions. On the menu of this modernization: the identification numbers will migrate to the back of the card and the front will only display the owner of the card, the name of the bank and the banking network. ;#8217;acceptance (Mastercard, Visa, etc.).

A more minimalist design choice, initiated in 2022 by several institutions such as La Banque Postale, Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale or Banque Populaire. Far from being a simple aesthetic question, this change is also the result of an evolution in the use of cards. In ten years, payment by bank card has increased by 14 points. In 2022, card payments represented 62% of the 29.5 billion cash transactions in France.

These cards with embossed numbers, called embossed, were designed specifically for a unique function, transactions using of terminals, the clogs. In the 1960s, people pressed the raised characters onto carbon paper to create a copy of the card information. A largely bygone era !

Technology and sustainability at the heart of change

The raised numbers will not be the only ones to disappear. The signature block, as well as the magnetic strip, will also perhaps say goodbye, made obsolete by the presence of memory chips integrated into the cards. Thus, the new CBs will display an entirely “ flat ” design.

It's not just about style, but also about durability. BNP Paribas explained to RMC Conso: “ Quite counter-intuitively, ‘flat’ or without embossing are today significantly more resistant to the test of time and everyday life (entry/exit in the wallet, in payment terminals, cash dispensers, etc.) than is the were the embossed numbers, which tended to wear off over time “.

In short, this is not likely to disrupt your life as a consumer. Your card will simply last a little longer and will deteriorate much less quickly.

  • The CBs are gradually changing their design since 2022.
  • The raised numbers disappear to make way for an entirely flat card.
  • A stylistic change which should benefit the durability of the cards over time.

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