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Your next smartphone may be less fragile thanks to this new material

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Corning has been offering chemically reinforced glass to smartphone manufacturers for years, to enable them to market less fragile devices, with screens less likely to break or be scratched. However, Corning's most advanced technologies, such as Gorilla Glass Victus, Gorilla Armor or Ceramic Shield, are generally only offered on high-end smartphones (and models that are close to this segment).

A new Gorilla Glass for affordable devices

But the good news is that now Corning also offers a new solution for more affordable devices. Introduced this week, the Gorilla Glass 7i is described as “a new protective glass designed to provide improved durability for mobile devices in the mid-range and budget segments.” Corning does not detail the differences between Gorilla Glass 7i and its products for high-end smartphones .

However, according to the company, during its laboratory tests, the Gorilla Glass 7i survived drops from heights of up to 1 meter on a surface comparable to asphalt. However, according to the company, the lithium aluminosilicate glass offered by other suppliers would not survive drops from a height of 50 centimeters. Additionally, Gorilla Glass 7i is said to be up to twice as scratch resistant, compared to lithium aluminosilicate glass offered by other vendors.

Good news for mid-range smartphones

In any case, the availability of this new material from Corning is good news for the mid-range segment. Indeed, instead of using old versions of Gorilla Glass (like the Gorilla Glass 3 of the Pixel 8a, or the Gorilla Glass 5 of the Redmi Note 13), manufacturers will be able to equip their affordable products with Gorilla Glass 7i, which is supposed to be more resistant, although it does not have the same properties as high-end glasses. The first brand to use this new product will be Oppo.

  • Corning has just unveiled a new protective glass that will allow smartphone manufacturers to strengthen the durability of their affordable devices
  • The company already offers ultra-tough materials for high-end smartphones, but the new Gorilla Glass 7i is specifically designed for mid-range products
  • Instead of using older versions of Gorilla Glass (like Gorilla Glass 3 or Gorilla Glass 5) on their affordable smartphones, manufacturers will be able to turn to Gorilla Glass 7i
  • During lab tests, this glass withstood drops from 1 meter onto a surface similar to asphalt

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