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You're not deleting your search history entirely — here's how to clear it for good

“You're not deleting your search history entirely – here's how to erase it for good”

You may think you have deleted your browser's questionable search history, but think twice. twice. YouTube and Google store your search history unless you use a specific setting.

Confidentiality Online is a significant issue for many people and many prefer to keep their search history private. But did you know that Google and YouTube keep your search history even if you delete it? of your browser ? This affects all users who have not done so. a crucial setting change. While it is always possible that traces of your search history persist, taking the following steps will provide an additional layer privacy protection of your Internet searches.

Concerning your YouTube consultations first, several methods can be used to delete your search history. The first option is to: remove individual search queries within the app. By opening the YouTube app, selecting the search bar, then tapping and holding on one of the suggested search results with the History icon (which looks like a clock) & Next to it, you can choose the “Delete” option. in the pop-up window that appears.

Otherwise, you can change your settings in the YouTube app to prevent your search history from being saved. To do this, click on your profile picture, go to Settings, then select Manage all history. Once you see the Save YouTube history option, turn off 'Include your YouTube searches'.

You're not deleting your search history entirely — here's how to clear it for good

Clear Google Search History. © Google Capture

The Google search application for its part is one of the most practical features of Android, as it allows users to quickly obtain search results. Find search results by tapping the search bar on the home screen. Like YouTube, you can tap and hold on specific search results to clear them from your phone's history. Here's how to manually delete this history:

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google app
  2. Up &agrav; right, tap your profile picture or initial > Activity&eacute ; research.
  3. Select search history DELETE. You can choose:
    • All search history: Above your history, tap Delete > Delete all activity.
    • A specific period: Above your history, tap Delete  Delete a custom range.
    • One specific day : à side of the day, tap Delete all activities for [day].
    • An activity precise : à side activity, tap Delete activity.

The best thing is to configure Google to automatically delete your searches so that they are not saved. To do this, proceed as follows:< /p>

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google app.
  2. Up &agrav; right, tap your profile picture or initial > Search History  > Parameters.
  3. On the "Activityé On Web and Apps, tapAuto Delete (Off).
    • If the 'Automatic deletion (enabled)" is displayed, Google automatically deletes your activity. across the web and apps, including your search history, after a specified period of time. To change this period or turn it off, tapAuto delete (on).
  4. Follow the instructions à the screen.
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