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Zero promises sensations comparable to thermal with its electric motorcycles

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In the electric motorcycle sector, the Californian company Zero Motorcycles is known for the seriousness of its machines. Trail, sports or cross motorcycles, there is something for everyone and Zero is one of the only manufacturers to offer powerful electric motorcycles (unlike Kawasaki apparently). The brand has just filed a new patent for an electronic gearbox and a dummy clutch. The objective ? Imitate the sensations of a thermal and, certainly, attract a little more combustion purists towards their models.

Electric sensations ?

For fans of motorcycles and cars alike, the electric will always suffer from same pitfall: lack of sensation. Indeed, if a Tesla Model 3 accelerates as quickly as a Porsche 911 Carrera S, it will not necessarily offer what car enthusiasts are looking for. The howl of the engine, the jerks given by the transmission, etc.

For bikers, it's the same! Driving pleasure is not limited to raw speed. It also goes through the feeling of the clutch, the downshift; in short, everything related to interaction with the machine.

That's why Zero wants to tackle this “problem”. With its new patented system, the brand wishes to integrate a dummy clutch lever as well as a gearbox simulator, capable of modulating engine speed and torque. Like a real combustion motorcycle.

We can read on the patent: “ By reducing the engine's torque output, the control lever on the left side mimics the operation and feel, such as slipping, of a clutch, multi-speed transmission found in motorcycles and other vehicles that are powered by internal combustion engines ”. It is, it must be said, rather original and well thought out.

On the other hand, it is not certain that this is enough for the real purists so that they completely turn away from thermal. Even equipped with this system, an electric motorcycle will never produce the sound of an internal combustion engine; this is also one of the advantages of the electric motorcycle: to be silent . But, for some motorcyclists, exhaust noise is an essential componentdriving experience. However, we can't blame Zero Motorcycles for its lack of innovation on this one.

  • Zero Motorcycles has just filed a patent for an electronic gearbox and dummy clutch.
  • The idea is that the system simulates the behavior of&# 8217;a thermal motorcycle.
  • The initiative is original, but difficult to say whether traditional motorcycle purists will be convinced.

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