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10 cult films you absolutely must see on Halloween night

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Autumn is here, the cold is slowly returning, the sky is getting darker earlier and earlier… For this monstrous Halloween night, do you want to get in the mood? So, turn on your TV, take out your blanket and something to snack on and turn off the lights. Whether you're badasses or sissies, we've made a list of the best movies to watch again and again for Halloween. Ready to be (ci)scared?

For the brave, the horror classics

Ah, the adrenaline… If you love to be scared, especially for this Halloween evening, we have selected the essential horror films to watch for celebrate October 31st in the best possible way. Whether you are alone or with others, we guarantee you thrills.


To give us goosebumps with Shining, Stanley Kubrick relies on psychological fear. A heavy atmosphere, (too) immaculate corridors, an oppressive soundtrack and a one-way ticket to madness… More than forty years after its release, Shining continues to traumatize moviegoers. Jack Nicholson's performance is masterful, more disturbing than ever. A film to watch again and again on Halloween night.

A writer in need of inspiration is hired as caretaker of a huge hotel in the heart of the mountains for the winter. He then settles with his wife and son in this strange hotel which reveals its terrible secrets little by little. Isolated and victim of the blank page, Jack gradually sinks into a murderous madness… Shining is available for purchase or rental on CANAL+ VOD.

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Halloween: Night of the Masks

Spend Halloween night without watching one of the films in the Halloween saga ? It's impossible. The plot is quite simple. On Halloween night 1963, a young boy stabbed his sister. After 15 years in a psychiatric asylum, still on October 31, he escapes and sows terror in the streets of a small American town.

Released in 1978, this film left its mark on generations of fans of 'horror. Considered a classic of horror cinema, it has influenced numerous feature-length horror films. The character of Michael Myers, and his terrible mask, has become iconic even though it was originally a simple, low-budget independent film directed by John Carpenter and produced by Debra Hill.

Want to replay the horrific saga? It’s possible on CANAL+. Most of the films are available for purchase and rental on CANAL+ VOD while the last 3 films can be seen on Paramount+ via CANAL+.


With the iconic Ghostface, knife in hand, Screamquickly became a cult horror film when it was released in 1996. Thanks to Wes Craven, who revolutionized the genre, slashers returned to the forefront. As a killer stalks the peaceful town of Woodsboro, Sidney Prescott doesn't know who she can trust. The success of Scream is so strong that Ghostface will be entitled to no less than five films between the end of the 90s and today. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to watch the complete Scream, right? It can be found on Paramount+ via .


Who's afraid of clowns? Another horror film inspired by a work by Stephen King. Released in 2016, It is the highest-grossing horror film of all time. In the 1980s, seven teenagers band together to face the bullying from their peers and the deadly cycle that has always plagued their town. Every 27 years, a strange creature in the form of an evil clown preys on children. Beware of the sewers… Thatis available on Prime Video. The second part can be seen on Netflix.

The Claws of the Night

10 cult films you absolutely must see on Halloween night

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Watch out for your nightmares. While teenagers all have the same recurring nightmare with a man with a burned face, an old torn sweater and sharp blades for fingers, one of them is brutally murdered in his sleep. Like Ghostface, Michael Myers and Pennywise, Freddy and his blades are monuments to pop culture. After seeing (or re-watching) The Claws of the Night, you too will have trouble sleeping tonight…

The Claws of the Night is available on Prime Video for rental or purchase.

Bonus for Friday the 13th, which ranks as another essential horror franchise. To be devoured on Paramount+ via CANAL+. With all these scary films to watch, you're going to have a stressful Halloween night…

For the less adventurous…

If you want to get in the mood Halloween without suffering from insomnia and paranoia for several nights, we have the perfect films. Get out the pumpkins and candy, you're going to have a great time. Watch with family, friends or alone.

Hocus Pocus: The Three Witches

We take you to Salem where the city's three most famous witches, the Sanderson sisters, return on Halloween night. But since their last tour of town, in the 17th century, times have changed. Funny and enchanting, Hocus Pocus: The Three Witchesis a Halloween film for young and old. Even better? Disney+ has just released the second part of these three quirky witches, three decades later. Something to get you in the Halloween spirit with your family. Head over to Disney+ to watch both volumes of Hocus Pocus.

The Addams Family

This funny macabre family has become cult over the years. More than bizarre rather than truly frightening, the members of the Addams family were able to seduce spectators in their first feature film by Barry Sonnenfeld. The gothic atmosphere is there as a double of Uncle Fetid, who has been missing for decades, comes to the Addamses… Note that Tim Burton is currently working on a series dedicated to the Addams girl, Wednesday.

Want to take a trip to the Addamses? The two cult films can be seen and rewatched on Paramount+.


Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!In this 80s classic, three zany scientists open their paranormal investigation company and hunt ghosts galore. A pop culture monument, Ghostbusters is a timeless fantasy comedy. Going ghost hunting for Halloween is the idea of ​​the century. The film is available for purchase and rental on Prime Video.

Scary Movie

10 cult films you absolutely must see on Halloween night

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If higher in this ranking, we recommended that you watch the complete Scream again, you can also opt for the less scary version: Scary Movie. This parody of Wes Craven's franchise, but not only that, is the perfect balance between thrills and laughs. Wazzup! Watch on Netflix and Paramount+.


We haven’t forgotten animation fans! In 2009, Henry Selick adapted the novel Coraline by Neil Gaiman, the author to whom we owe, in particular, the Sandman graphic novels. In stop-motion, the film Coralinefollows a young girl with a strong character who discovers a parallel world in the strange house into which her family has just moved. But while this alternative world looks much better than her own, Coraline quickly realizes that something is wrong. Both haunting and gloomy, Coraline is a gem of animation to watch on a rainy day as Halloween approaches.

If you want to celebrate Halloween differently, you can turn to Coco. Pixar's animated film offers us a new vision of the Day of the Dead, heading to Mexico. Not terribly scary but rather extremely touching, Coco is to be seen on .

Of course, this is just a simple list, no. exhaustive list of films to watch on Halloween. A difficult selection to make as there are so many films to devour like candy during this monstrous period. Sleepy Hollow, Beetlejuice, Psychosis or even Welcome to Zombieland are other feature films that are worth watching detour if you want to get in the mood. And you, what is your favorite Halloween movie? And which one are you going to watch with joy this evening?

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