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Be careful, these 4 games can reduce the performance of your smartphone

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For several years now, Google has been redoubling its efforts to further strengthen the security of its application store on Android. If there was a time when corrupted applications and other clones were legion, the efforts made by the American giant have allowed the Play Store to regain a very secure side… although this does not prevent certain malicious applications from slipping through the cracks.

Android applications affected by HiddenApps malware

Security specialist Dr Web recently published a new report regarding viral activity on our precious smartphones for the month of September. And according to experts, it is a malware called HiddenApps which is the most widespread, an “adware” type software, which hides itself within applications all in all banal, like certain video games.

Also, from now on, you should check if you have not already installed the following games from the Android Play Store: Super Skibydi Killer (which already has more than 1 million downloads) , but also Agent Shooter and Rubber Punch 3D (500,000 downloads each), as well as the most confidential, but nevertheless corrupted, Rainbow Stretch, which has more than 50,000 downloads.

Concretely, once HiddenApps installed (via a compromised application) on a smartphone, the latter will begin to display unwanted advertisements, obviously without the user's knowledge. The malware is done

These latter voluntarily make themselves undetectable (or almost), by operating in the background, and the process is not only intended to generate money for the hackers, but it will also draw on the resources of the smartphone.

Be careful, even if Dr Web indicates that malware hidden in games tends to be less widespread in recent weeks. As always, and despite a few flaws, we remind you that it is more than recommended to install your Android applications only via the official Play Store.

Recently, we discovered that the application < em>iRecorder Screen Recorder, notably offering a screen recorder tool and installed on more than 50,000 smartphones, had benefited from an update during which code had been injected, allowing the #8217;application to spy on users, via a sound recording made every 15 minutes.

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