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135 euros fine with a stationary car, this traffic offense is too little known to motorists

This offense is unknown to a large number of motorists.

What's worse than receiving a fine for a mistake you didn't know existed?? Yet this is the lot of many motorists who, every year, commit offenses without knowing it. It must be said that the Highway Code lists thousands of prohibitions and that it is almost impossible to know them all. Among all the rules of conduct & respect while driving, there is a rather vicious one because it only concerns cars à stop. And yes, it is possible to be checked and fined by the police before even having carried out the procedure. his first turns of the wheel. And that, very few motorists know it.

This has absolutely nothing to do with it. see with a potentially defective car (broken headlight, illegible license plate, snowy windshield) or an alcohol test ;mie. No, this is related to &agrav; a habit of certain drivers which tends to worsen develop, particularly in city centers where traffic is often denser.

Who, when driving, does not once see a car parked with its warnings in front of a school, another time at the foot of a building when it is not there? is not in front of a tobacco shop or a bakery. Most often, the occupant of the car, who knows that he is not going to stay long, leaves his engine running. Without knowing, no doubt, that he is committing the crime. an offense likely to cost him dearly.

An old stop of the Minister of Public Works and Transport dated; of 1963 in fact prohibits this practice, which is considered polluting. “Parked vehicles must have their engines stopped. , except in cases of necessity, we can read. Article R318-1 of the Highway Code explains that "vehicles & The engine must not emit fumes, toxic, corrosive or odorous gases, in conditions likely to inconvenience the population or compromise the health of the user. and security public."

Let your engine run à stopping contributes to the emission of gases and fine particles. And this does not, contrary to popular belief, allow you to consume less fuel than if you cut off the engine to restart it. On the other hand, it may be worth receiving a report, as is the case for 2 à 3,000 French motorists each year.

And the bill is particularly steep since the fine for a non-cutting engine is very high. in parking is 4th class. This corresponds to & an amount of 135 euros, 90 if you pay within 3 days if the fine was punished. delivered by hand or within 15 days if it arrived by mail. Beyond of 45 days, its amount can increase up to 375 euros. There is obviously no obligation when the car is in circulation, stopped, etc. a red light for example. There is also an exception which allows à run its engine when parking, when the motorist does so in periods of extreme cold to start their vehicle. Phew, because this practice has it. is very useful when winter sets in, and with it its freezing temperatures…

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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