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Windshields will have to be changed more often because of this new European regulation

In July 2024, a new European regulation comes into force which applies to all car manufacturers. Its objective is to provide more security to people. but it also risks costing us more…

The general safety regulations apply. The European Union's road safety regulations, which come into force in July 2024, will require all new cars sold in the bloc to be equipped with security standard including at least an automatic emergency braking system (AEB), a lane keeping assistant (LKA) and an intelligent cruise control (ISA). The operation of all of these systems relies on the cars' camera systems. They are usually located behind the windshield, hence the windshield. the crucial importance of the latter in the functioning of these systems.

From July 2024, virtually all new cars will therefore have at least one camera attached to the windshield and connected to the safety systems ; of the car. The increase in technologies connected to the windshield, cameras and other "eyes" éelectronic also means that ' & In the future, a single stone impact could be enough to solve the problem. replace the windshield. "Stone impacts within the camera's field of view require windshield replacement rather than repair, regardless of or the size of the impact, indicated Carglass in Finland.

The windshield replacement expert explains that this change will significantly affect the installation and repair of windshields, as camera calibrations and security systems of the car will become an even more crucial step in maintenance. If a windshield breaks à The location of the camera lens or its field of view, the camera can no longer see correctly and the safety systems will be damaged. associated devices no longer work correctly. It's as if the driver of the car is looking at the world through his eyes. through glasses of the wrong power. It's difficult to estimate distances, everything is blurry and finally we start to wander. to have pain à the head, explained the company.

The slightest discrepancy in cameras and sensors can lead to damage. This could cause the car's systems to receive incorrect information. This can manifest itself in several ways, including: start with the fact that, for example, the light assistant or the rain sensor does not work as usual. In the worst case, this can lead to à This means that the car does not normally recognize obstacles, other cars or pedestrians and does not know how to brake urgently. Or it can even lead to serious problems. what she's heading out of her way. The consequences are unnecessary and avoidable damage and accidents.

For the proper functioning of these security systems, it is important to regularly check the ;écondition of the windshield when cleaning it to detect stone impacts and breakage. If stone impacts or significant wear are detected on the windshield, particularly in the area of ​​the cameras, it is recommended to repair them. to have the condition of the windshield checked by a professional. After replacing the windshield, the safety systems will work. of the car must be recalibrated. The motorist must then always receive a calibration certificate after replacing the windshield, attesting to the successful completion of the calibration. This is an important safety factor.

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