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2 Emma competitors leave France, and the brand has a blast with crazy prices (-60%)

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January is the most critical month of the year for bedding brands: it's the famous “month of white&#8221 ; and these are the winter sales. The French tend to make good resolutions and invest in a good mattress to sleep better and protect their bodies.

Logically, we think of Emma – which is the French leader in the segment with premium and affordable mattresses. By selling its beds exclusively via the internet, it can offer prices 2 to 3x lower than competitors in stores. With the reduction in sales, the price becomes almost ridiculous compared to the quality of the product.

Between the sales, . Good news: this also concerns the most popular models like the prestigious Emma Hybride II.

Emma's model, which consists of selling its mattresses exclusively online, is not simple: Casper had to leave France a few years ago, Eve went bankrupt a few months ago and Simba will leave France within a few weeks. In the end, only the market juggernaut still manages to be profitable in a market where margins are very low.

If you want to have a high-end mattress at an affordable price, you couldn't be better than now. Emma offers unbeatable prices on her two mattresses – Original and Hybrid II – and on all its accessories. There are also sets – which allow you to change all your bedding – which go up to -60% if you apply the code PC10.

Which mattress to choose during the sales?

Choosing Emma means taking a risk: you cannot test the product before buying it. However, you have three strong arguments: 1) the brand offers you 100 nights to test the product without obligation at home – and she takes it back if it doesn't suit you; 2) customer feedback is very positive and 3) the largest consumer associations have recognized the Original and Hybrid II mattresses as being the best on the market.

Based on this observation, you have very little risk. Therefore, which one to choose between the two models in the range, which are renowned for being balanced? The Original mattress is composed exclusively of foam (including a layer of memory foam) and it offers very good support for the whole body. The Hybrid II mattress is more sophisticated with a layer of pocket springs – and it is a little less firm. That said, in terms of comfort, you are clearly on a much higher level.

In both cases, Emma mattresses are in a high-end segment – and the 100 night trial will allow you to validate this purchase. In terms of price, there is an advantage to go with the Hybrid II for this sales period: the reduction percentage is greater (-40% and an additional 10% with our code) than that on the Original (-20% and an additional 10% with our code).

For example, for the Hybrid II mattress in the 80×200 cm format, you should count on 323 euros instead of 599 euros (including the code PC10). For the same format on the Original model, it will cost you 215 euros instead of 299 euros. Taking into account that a mattress can be depreciated over 15 years, it is well worth spending that little extra… even if it means using the payment in 4x without fees – to get the best sleep.

2 Emma competitors leave France, and the brand has a blast with crazy prices (-60%)

2 Emma competitors leave France, and the brand has a blast with crazy prices (-60%)

 Emma Original, the n°1 in France

2 Emma competitors leave France, and the brand has a blast with crazy prices (-60%)

 100 night trial

2 Emma competitors leave France, and the brand has a blast with crazy prices (-60%)

 Promo code (-10%): PC10

Our test 1

60% off select sets

By default, on all items available on Emma's website, you have 10% off with the code PC10. The latter is in addition to the current discounts during the sales. So, for example, you can have 60% off the “Ready to dream premium” which includes a luxury hotel bed. This is also the case for the best-selling sets, the pack “launch sale offer”, which drops to -50% with unbeatable value for money.< /p>

If you need to change more than just your mattress, you can also look at all the accessories Emma sells. Long uncompetitive, they now offer ultra advantageous rates – especially during sales. On these too, you can have generous discounts and a 100-night trial period to validate your purchase.

To discover the discounts for the sales at Emma, ​​it's here:

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