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Who is Vinfast, the start-up that promises wonders in the electric car market ?

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At CES in Las Vegas, all the biggest brands of the moment came to present their latest product. But this is also the case for smaller companies, less known to the general public, who take advantage of the Las Vegas show to make a little name for themselves.

In this communication game, VinFast seems to have been the big winner of this year 2024. The Vietnamese brand has pulled off a masterstroke from Nevada and media from around the world have taken an interest in it.

It must be said that the brand's promises are attractive. Aiming initially at the American market, the firm has decided to market a 100% electric pick-up. A very popular model in Uncle Sam's country, but where competition between manufacturers is also very tough.

Despite the latter, VinFast wants to stand out and its concept “Wild” presented at CES must make the difference. To stand out, the brand has chosen to use glass for the roof and digital mirrors. This innovation should improve the aerodynamics of the car and extend its range. This is at least the argument put forward by VinFast to justify the arrival of these new generation mirrors.

VinFast&nbsp ;: the little thumb who wants to bring down Tesla

With the arrival of VinFast on the American continent, the company hopes to make the electric car even more accessible. Because the brand’s greatest impact will, without a doubt, be its price. The VinFast Wild has not yet been announced as a production model, but it could quickly find itself on the American market, at unbeatable prices.

While Tesla's CyberTruck has just arrived on the market, the VinFast Wild looks like a nightmare for Elon Musk and his company. If the Vietnamese car proves to be reliable and has good autonomy, all for a price half as high, it risks making people happy on the other side of the # 8217;Atlantic, to the great dismay of Elon Musk and his ultra-futuristic pickup.

L’Europe, not for now

If the promises of VinFast are enough to make you dream, you will have to be patient in Europe. Indeed, the Vietnamese brand did not mention the old continent in Las Vegas. With the installation, almost everywhere in the EU, of a differentiated ecological bonus (favoring European cars) VinFast has little reason to try it# 8217;adventure on the old continent.

The brand therefore prefers to concentrate on South-East Asia, and its national market in Vietnam, before open to the United States, then other American countries such as Canada or Mexico.

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