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3 little-known anecdotes about Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple

Steve Jobs in 2010 © Wikimedia Commons/Matthew Yohe

They have founded economic empires, have often hit the headlines, but who are really the big bosses of Tech? To get to know them better, we came up with the idea of ​​writing this new article dedicated to Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple. Here are 3 little-known anecdotes about this leader who died in 2011.

1) Steve Jobs was adopted

Steve Jobs has always been very discreet about it, but he is an adopted child. He was born in 1955 to an American mother of Swiss origin and a father from Syria. Finally, the future entrepreneur will be adopted from birth by Paul (auto mechanic) and Clara Jobs. When asked about this, Steve Jobs always explained that it was his parents.

It was later learned that Abdulattah John Jandali, her biological father, attempted to send her several emails to establish contact. However, he never dared to call his son directly for fear that he would think that he wanted to recover his personal fortune. Steve Jobs never responded to his messages.

2) Steve Jobs dropped out of school

He is far from being the only business leader in this situation, but Steve Jobs never finished his studies. In the 1970s, he decided to leave the business after a term spent at Reed College in Portland. He quickly explained to his parents from a modest background that they should not waste their money on training that was not made for him.

However, the entrepreneur didn't lose everything. He actually revealed years later that a calligraphy course he received during this training had inspired him for the first typographies offered on Mac computers.

3) Steve Jobs founded the Pixar studio

The history of the Pixar studio, today in the fold of Disney, is quite complex. But Steve Jobs in any case played an obvious role in its rise. It all started in 1979, when George Lucas launched Industrial Light & Magic a division responsible for creating special effects for its Star Wars films. The latter is headed by Edwin Catmull.

In 1986, the filmmaker decided to resell this division, and Steve Jobs, just fired from Apple, decided to buy it for 5 million dollars. He renamed this company Pixar. On this occasion, the company developed computers and in particular the Pixar Image Computer sold for $135,000 and intended for medical imaging, reports BFM. Disney is interested in this machine which helps it enormously with certain tasks in the design of its cartoons.

But faced with the lack of revenue, Steve Jobs decides to abandon the material activity of the business and focus on entertainment. A very wise choice when we think of the many gems produced by the studio since.

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