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300 Conquests, 17 Felony Charges: Man Nicknamed the 'Tinder Rapist' Had a Specific Modus Operandi

The Paris criminal court judges à from this Monday March 18 Salim Berrada, 38 years old, suspected of of having raped or attacked several women met on Tinder, according to a qualified operating method. industrial.

The trial opens this Monday March 18, 2024 and is due to end on March 29. Salim Berrada, 38, appeared before the Paris criminal court. Nicknamed the "Tinder rapist", he is suspectedé of having raped her or attacked sexually assaulted 17 women between 2014 and 2016. The man presented himself as a photographer to the police. looking for models to carry out shoots via the famous dating application. He disputes everything and only admits to having used his profession as a photographer as a "pretext" to attract women to his home and satisfy a "sex addiction".

The indictment order consulted by France Info highlights an almost identical modus operandi applied to both parties. by the battery &agrav; destination of the complainants, à namely, a "form of industrialization". The 80-page document describes a "perverse" that he would have put in place to attract his victims. He asserts that the plaintiffs "regret&eac;" a posteriori, or that they were "concerted" between them to harm him.

An industrial process and a chemical submission ?

The police identified a well-oiled operating mode and similar between the stories of the 17 complainants. The investigators even noted a "form of industrialization" in the process put in place. A "specification precisely described in several Excel files" is even mentioned. Catchphrases, compliments… Everything seems to be sorted out. to the millimeter. It all starts with a first contact on a social network or on the Tinder application directly. 

Messages are sent en masse via fake accounts like that of Elias, in his thirties, shirtless in his profile photo. It's actually about by Salim Berrada. Then, an appointment is made for a photo session in his studio in the 20th arrondissement of Paris. On site, he offers alcohol to women. He would then take advantage of this potential chemical submission to impose sexual relations on them. The battery is judged like "cold", "determined" and endowed '"eyes of fury" by his alleged victims. Several also speak of an outbreak of violence. Some women speak of an abnormal and rapid state of intoxication after having accepted a drug. the glass of alcohol. Traces of drugs or antihistamines were found. found in several complainants. 

Until'à 20 years imprisonment

Placé in provisional detention in 2016, after the complaint of a 22-year-old woman for rape having explained a method of operation similar to the other complainants, including a photo session, a glass of wine offered to them; by the photographer and feeling dizzy before finding herself naked on the sofa. From the studio, Salim B. remained behind. two and a half years in prison before being released. under judicial control in 2019. With the arrival of new complaints, he was once again arrested. indicted for rape and sexual assault and placed in prison in detention last July.

The departmental criminal court sits without a jury, it is only composed of 5 professional judges. Magistrates who must rule on guilt or not from Salim B. The latter risks up to 'à 20 years of imprisonment, the deliberate decision is expected on March 29, 2024. Finally, if the probabilities are tiny, there # The hearing could be postponed. Indeed, defense lawyers could request additional information by citing an incomplete investigation and deficiencies in the file. ;nbsp;

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