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4 little-known facts about Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft

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They founded economic empires, have often hit the headlines, but who are really the big bosses of Tech ? To get to know them better, we came up with the idea of ​​writing this new article dedicated to Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft. Here are four little-known anecdotes about this famous leader.

A very annoying boss

Bill Gates had a strange habit when he ran Microsoft. The entrepreneur stalked his employees by memorizing their license plates. He explained to the BBC: “I knew everyone's license plates for being able to look out into the parking lot and see when people were arriving [and] when they were leaving”.

A crazy read

Bill Gates is passionate about reading. The entrepreneur also confided that he reads more than fifty books per year on very eclectic subjects ranging from health to science, including history. Enough to offer him general knowledge and curiosity which are part of his great qualities.

Bill Gates dropped out of college

While studying at the very prestigious Harvard University in 1975, the future business leader decided to drop everything without finishing his studies to devote himself to the development of his software company, Microsoft. A decision that can clearly be described as relevant after the fact, but which could have seemed risky at the time.

Bill Gates is not the only big boss of Tech has done the same, and we can notably cite the case of Steve Jobs. Of course, this strategy does not work for everyone, and you should think twice before attempting it.

Bill Gates has a passion for AI

The former boss clearly did not wait until 2023 to become interested in artificial intelligence. On the contrary, he has focused on this subject for many years, going so far as to declare that he was in the camp of those who worry about 'superintelligence'.< /p>

Microsoft is now investing heavily in AI and is starting to reap the benefits. We are thinking in particular of Copilot, this tool based on GPT-4 which is very popular with the general public, despite a difficult start on Bing.

That's all for this week , if you liked this article, you can always reread the previous part of this series. We've rounded up three surprising facts about Apple CEO Tim Cook.

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