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The mobiles chosen by the 1% are not just iPhones

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In your opinion, which smartphone is used on a daily basis by the bosses of Google, Amazon or even Meta (Facebook) ? To find out, you most often just need to look at the various appearances of said leaders in the media. Don't move: that's what we've done for you. Mark Zuckerberg, for example, has regularly been seen using a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in the past. It was then the Korean brand's most efficient mobile phone, since followed by the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. It is therefore a safe bet that, from now on, it is the latter which equips the owner of WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger.

One of his main rivals in the social media market, namely Elon Musk, would use an iPhone. The boss of Tesla explained, as recently as last September, that Apple's mobiles offer breathtaking results in terms of imaging – according to him, of course. An assertion, however, confirmed by specialized comparisons, including those of DxOMark and although Google Pixels are also often considered to be among the best photophones on the market.

Nothing more ordinary, in the end?

But then, would the richest entrepreneurs on the planet only be equipped with simple premium smartphones among those that we all know? Apparently, yes: nothing to do with their disproportionate villas against which our country houses are difficult to see. Some influencers appear well with Vertu or Caviar devices on Instagram, but there's no denying it: it's mostly for show off. Indeed, in the search for performance, there is no doubt that the most powerful flagships of the moment are rarely beaten to the punch by more efficient products. The iPhone 15 Pro Max and its A17 Pro chip are particularly considered very fast, as is the Pixel Fold and its folding design, also powered by a proprietary processor.

To return to the wealthiest executives, let us also mention the case of Warren Buffett, at the head of the famous Berkshire Hathaway investment fund still today and despite his 93 years. For this person close to Bill Gates and Apple shareholder, it is the iPhone that serves as an everyday companion. But it wasn't an obvious choice. Indeed, for many years, the one that the American media do not hesitate to call the oracle of Omaha was in reality only equipped with a simple feature phone. Understand: not a smartphone. It was then on an old Samsung flip phone that Buffett relied on, obviously light years away from the folding value propositions of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 or Galaxy Z Flip 5 available today in boutique.

It will ultimately be Tim Cook, today CEO of Apple, who will offer the iPhone 11 to Warren Buffett. He would use it mainly to make calls, with also an iPad at his disposal to follow stock prices. With almost half of his portfolio made up of AAPL stocks, it's still the least he can do.

iPhone: the limit choice of Jeff Bezos

Now let's move on to the last example in our category; I named Jeff Bezos. Former Amazon number (now replaced by Andy Jassy), the businessman is now focused on the development of Blue Origin, its competitor Virgin Galactic or SpaceX also marketing rockets reusable.

Jeff Bezos used an iPhone before his divorce (and not a Fire Phone, therefore). The cell phone he now favors on a daily basis is unknown. If we know the model chosen by the manager previously, it is however because leaks revealed a hack suffered by the latter by clicking on a corrupted link received on the iOS version of WhatsApp. The pirate behind the maneuver would have passed through Pegasus at the express request of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, the monarch considering having been “sullied” in an article in the Washington Post (property of Bezos).

The lesson to be learned from this mishap? Although Apple touts its iPhones as particularly secure, they are no less inviolable. Regardless of the device, zero risk does not exist… all the more so for the public at risk.

  • Mark Zuckerberg prefers the high-end Samsung Galaxy
  • Elon Musk apparently uses an iPhone
  • Jeff Bezos used, until recently at least, an iPhone

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