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7 major new features expected at Apple this week

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Apple will not organize a keynote between March and early May, according to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, often very well informed on this subject. Instead, our source of the day assumes that the multiple products making headlines in recent weeks could see the light of day in a simple press release. These announcements could be accompanied by presentation videos.

So let's take stock of the upcoming changes. These, according to the English-speaking site MacRumors, could be confirmed on Apple's official website no later than this week. As a general rule, Cupertino chooses Tuesday or Wednesday, around 7 p.m. (Paris time), to publish its announcements.

L’iPad Air expands

To begin with, you should know that it is rumored that new iPad Airs are in preparation. Logical, especially when we know that no touchscreen tablet was presented by Apple last year – a first since the start of its tablet collection in 2010.

The first iPad Air on the way should present itself as the sixth generation of the range, the fifth dating from March 2022. An M3 chip is expected under the hood, for a probable diagonal of 10.9 inches or even perhaps with a panel enlarged to 11 inches. This would be possible thanks to thinner borders around the display. On the other hand, don't expect to see Face ID land under the screen, in any case it's not happening right away either on tablet or mobile from Apple. And this, even if the company knows how to design such a layout, as its patents prove.

Like the iPad Pro, the iPad Air could also be equipped with &#8217 ;a version larger than ever with 12.9 inches on the clock. This would be the first generation of its kind for the series, likely with the same processor. However, we know that the 12.9-inch iPad Pro offers a better screen than the 11-inch iPad Pro, and Cupertino could implement a similar difference with the iPad Air. To be confirmed.

No iPhone SE 4 this year

In 2020, Apple presented the iPhone SE 2 and its successor will arrive in 2022. Logically and because numerous leaks more or less confirmed it, a fourth generation iPhone SE was therefore expected for 2024. Only, there you go : the cell phone would be late. The fault, it seems, is disappointing sales for the third generation iPhone SE. Stocks of the current model would thus still be quite substantial in Apple Stores and third-party resellers, so that it would above all be a question of selling them off.

In short, we should not discover a fourth generation iPhone SE this year. On the other hand, specialist analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, officiating at the investment firm TFI Securities, claims to know that this famous iPhone SE 4 will see the light of day in spring 2025. In about a year, then.

The device could be equipped with a larger screen than the current small 4.7 inches, with 6.1 inches and the notch reminiscent of the design of the iPhone 14.

Better contrasts on iPad Pro

At the same time, Apple is reportedly preparing to also renew its iPad Pro range, precisely .

The new products expected for the occasion are, pell-mell:

  • a new one thinner chassis, but still in aluminum
  • new dimensions, with a few tenths of a millimeter more or less for the width and length (hardly detectable at the &# 8217;naked eye)
  • the arrival of the M3 chip to replace the M2 processor in current models
  • the installation of the front camera in landscape format and not in portrait mode as today
  • the transition to OLED technology for the screen, displaying better contrasts in theory

Mark Gurman also believes that Apple plans to present a new generation of the Magic Keyboard. The integrated touchpad could then be wider, offering more freedom of movement. The manufacturer would also have planned to add aluminum to the cabin.

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According to the site MacRumors, it is possible that the new iPad Pro will also benefit from wireless charging. But we haven't really heard such claims lately, so such potential novelty should be considered with caution. Don't expect the sealed tablets to become water resistant either, here too the change does not seem to be expected any time soon.

A black Apple Pencil ?

Apple would like to unveil the third generation of the official iPad stylus, the&# 8217;Apple Pencil.

For now, only a white version is available. Or rather two, since it is still possible to afford the first model with its Lightning plug. The Bluetooth-connected pencil that would arrive in the spring will undoubtedly still be powered by USB-C for charging. A new black color would also be offered, but this is not certain. Let us remember that the AirPods, for example, have never offered any shades other than white after almost eight years of good and loyal service…

The first M3 MacBook Airs are arriving

Finally, Apple would like to renew its two sizes of MacBook Air. A 13.6-inch model with M3 processor would therefore be on the way. This should mark the end of the marketing of new MacBook Air M1s (13.3 inches) in the Apple Store. The 13.6-inch MacBook Air M2 could, for their part, remain available in Tim Cook's official stores but with a lower price when their successors are released.

The fifteen-inch MacBook Air, presented last year for the first time, will also have an M3 version. As a reminder, this proprietary design chip is assembled by TSMC in Taiwan and offers an SoC (system on chip) configuration on the MacBook Pro M3 with a ten-core graphics card, an eight-core CPU or even up to #8217; twenty-four gigabytes of RAM and two terabytes of internal storage. Artificial intelligence is also involved, with an in-house engine: the Neural Engine (sixteen cores).

We know, however, that the The latest versions of MacBook Air instead arrived in June during the Worldwide Developer Conference, or in September with the usual Apple end-of-year keynote. The presentation could therefore be postponed.

  • Apple could unveil new iPad Pro and iPad Air on Tuesday or Wednesday
  • L&# 8217;Fourth generation iPhone SE will not see the light of day at the same time, it seems
  • 13 and 15 inch MacBook Air with M3 chip would also be in the pipeline
  • An Apple Pencil and a new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro are also on the way for spring

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