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New songs disappear from TikTok videos: here's the cause

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If you use the social network TikTok, it is possible that this month of February, you may have come across silent videos. It is also possible that the music and sound have disappeared from one of your videos. In fact, TikTok was forced to remove a good number of songs from its platform due to a disagreement between it and Universal Music Group. The agreement that would allow TikTok to use music from artists represented by Universal expired at the end of January and was not renewed.

To avoid infringing copyright, TikTok has therefore removed the songs of artists represented by this label from its musical catalog. Unfortunately, new songs are disappearing from TikTok right now, according to an announcement the social media site posted.

“ We are in the process of fulfilling Universal Music Group's requirement to remove all songs written (or co-written) by a songwriter signed to Universal Music Publishing Group, based on information that he provided. Their actions not only affect the songwriters and artists they represent, but now also affect many unsigned artists and songwriters at Universal”, it reads.< /p>

A financial problem

In its announcement, TikTok also states that it is still willing to find a fair agreement with Universal. As a reminder, in a press release, the label mentioned the reasons which led to the non-renewal of the agreement with TikTok.

On the plan financial, the label accused TikTok of developing a music-based business, without paying the fair value of the music that is used. But he also raised the problem of AI-generated music, as well as problematic videos published on the platform.

For the moment, we don't know not whether the two sides can find a way to work together again. But in the meantime, TikTok will be forced to remove more songs and make more videos silent so as not to infringe copyright.

  • In February, TikTok removed music from artists represented by Universal Music Group from its social network
  • New songs will be removed, to comply with the label's requirements
  • The agreement which allowed the use of these songs on the social network was not renewed in February

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