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A 79-year-old woman years old murdered in an intermediate resource in Terrebonne

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It was in a room at the Ressource de Lanaudière, an intermediate resource located on the upper floors of the building housing the Maison l'Espagne, in Terrebonne, that the victim's body was discovered on September 30.


A 79-year-old woman was found lifeless on Saturday in the company of her 81-year-old partner, who was unconscious in one of the rooms of the Ressource de Lanaudière, an intermediate resource located on the upper floors of the building housing the Maison l& #x27;spark, in the Lachenaie sector, in Terrebonne.

Terrebonne police officers were called to the scene on Saturday, around 6 p.m., after the discovery of the two unconscious people.

At the scene, emergency services pronounced the 79-year-old woman dead, while the 81-year-old man was still alive. He was transported to the Pierre-Le Gardeur Hospital Center, located very close to the scene of the tragedy.

The man was the spouse and relative caregiver of the victim. He did not reside in the building.

According to police, he is considered the main suspect. He could not be questioned because he is still unconscious at Pierre-Le Gardeur Hospital. He would have tried to take his own life.

Sources confirmed to Radio-Canada that the murder occurred by strangulation.

Terrebonne police investigators are continuing their analyzes to determine the exact circumstances and motive for the murder.

It affects everyone, I think, it affects everyone, commented a resident, visibly moved. These people live in despair. It’s difficult, a loved one who has Alzheimer’s disease. It’s difficult for everyone, for the employees, for the family, for the caregiver and for the person who is suffering. We see them suffering and we don't know what to do.

Another neighbor in the residence added: We don't like it. If it's people you know, it's even worse, but even if you don't know them, it's not pretty.

La Ressource de Lanaudière is an intermediate resource, under the responsibility of the CISSS de Lanaudière. It occupies the upper floors of Maison l'esprit Lachenaie, a private residence that specializes in welcoming elderly people with cognitive illnesses, such as dementia and Alzheimer's. This RPA located rue Yves-Blais opened its doors at the beginning of 2021.

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