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A bonus of 100 euros to go to work, nearly 6 million French people will be entitled to it

Many workers will be able to benefit from a bonus to go to their place of work work in 2024.

New boost in sight for households! To minimize the consequences of inflation in France, the government has put in place numerous targeted aid packages. This will still be the case next year since these measures will be renewed, as indicated in the 2024 finance bill adopted by the Commission. à the National Assembly. Among these, a bonus concerns very many French people. From January 1, around 5.7 million workers will be able to benefit from government assistance.

What is it about? A bonus intended for all workers who travel to their workplace by car. This "fuel check" – born following the surge in prices at home the pump observed for almost two years – has a value of 100 euros. Its amount will not change but more households will be able to claim it next year. In 2023, around 4 million people could claim it. No less than 1.5 million additional workers will be eligible for this. this help in a few weeks.

The government has in fact decided to expand this compensation fuel to households belonging to the sixth decile (tax bracket according to annual income). From next January, 60% of workers who go to the office by car – compared to 50% today – will therefore be able to receive this bonus according to calculations carried out by our colleagues from the Capital site .Fr. To obtain this check for 100 euros, each worker will have to complete an online questionnaire on the impots.gouv site because its allocation is not automatic.

In addition, two members from the same household can claim to be eligible for this. provided that they go to work with a different vehicle. Why is this fuel bonus 100 euros? According to the Ministry of Finance, this amount is equivalent to aid of 10 euro cents per liter of fuel for 12 months, for a motorist who travels approximately 12,000 kilometers per year with a vehicle consuming 6.5 liters per 100 kilometer ;tres.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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