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These cars can catch fire without warning, this French brand is recalling numerous models

Several car models from this French manufacturer are being recalled due to a risk of 'fire.

A car catching fire is undoubtedly one of motorists' worst nightmares. However, the risk exists, particularly following; an accident. During a collision, impacts can damage certain highly flammable parts of the vehicle, such as the fuel tank or the electrical system (short circuit). If accidents are the primary cause of fires on the road, a car can also catch fire for no apparent reason. It's rarer but unfortunately it can happen. An overheating engine, oil or fuel leaks, a faulty electric battery…there are multiple causes that could reduce your vehicle to ashes in a matter of minutes.

It is precisely this danger that lurks in spite of the situation. They are certain owners of Renault group cars. The government site Rappel Conso alerted; on a recall made by the French manufacturer for a large number of its vehicles. These are very popular models from Renault and Dacia. Thus, the all-new Clio V and the Captur II, the Duster, Sandero III and Logan III, sold between February 6 and June 13, 2023 for Renault and between February 6 and 3 ;July 2023 for Dacias, are affected.

So what is the reason for this recall? There is a risk of fire on all the vehicles mentioned above which would be caused by by improper welding of the liquefied petroleum gas tank; (LPG), which 'may result in the release of gas into the passenger compartment.' Vehicles running on liquefied petroleum gas – the third most used fuel in the world in France after gasoline and diesel – are favored by certain motorists due in particular to their less impact on the ecology and their advantageous price at low prices. the pump. They are, however, a little more expensive. the purchase and their maintenance is more expensive than a thermal car.

Taking into account the possibly disastrous consequences of the manufacturing defect identified, on all these LPG cars sold in 2023, this recall from the Renault group appears urgent. It is recommended Owners of the models concerned should contact their dealer.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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