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A burglary every 90 seconds: how not to be a victim ?

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Insecurity is not only visible on the streets, but also at home. Last year, more than 217,000 burglaries were recorded – a figure that has been growing steadily for a decade – although a pause was observed during the pandemic. On average, a burglary takes place every 90 seconds in France – and this concerns both houses and apartments.

Given this observation, surveillance companies are very popular. For a few dozen euros per month, you can have a deterrent device coupled with a remote surveillance service. Your home is therefore secure and is monitored at all times by call centers that are able to react in a few seconds.

To give you an example, Verisure is the leader in this segment in France. The procedure is simple: you request a quote online – and it's free and without obligation. This will allow you to have a quote that precisely meets the characteristics of your home. Indeed, depending on the latter, the price will vary. In any case, it will cost you a few dozen euros per month at most.

Once you accept the quote, a Verisure representative will come and install the equipment for you: you will not have to do anything. Then, it is one of the company's remote monitoring centers which will monitor and manage any abnormal situations. Once again you won't have to do anything (practical if you are far from home). Throughout the contract, Verisure also maintains the equipment: you will never have to change it yourself.

By opting for Verisure, you have a turnkey solution that will give you peace of mind. In terms of value for money, it is an excellent service and that is why it is positioned as number one on the market. Right now and for a few weeks, you also have 50% off Protection Packs. This is a great offer that you almost never see online.

A complete system to secure your home

If you need to protect your home, you have two options: either the turnkey option with a remote surveillance provider, or the DYI option where you install the device yourself. In our alarm comparison you can see both types of solutions. If the first is more expensive, it has the advantage of being more reliable and more efficient. That said, budget is sometimes a constraint and kit alarms can be an intermediate solution.

For those who opt for a remote monitoring device like that of Verisure, you will benefit from a complete alarm which will be able to identify an attempted crime as quickly as possible: surveillance cameras, anti-burglar fog, siren, movement and shock sensors, alert button – and even the brand new WIFI VISION, which allows you to cover the dark areas of your home.

Beyond the alarm itself (and the intervention device offered by Verisure), the company also acts as a deterrent for burglars. Indeed, once they see Verisure's deterrent stickers and the alarm installation from the outside, they will be inclined to visit another accommodation. Faced with an alarm with remote monitoring, they have no chance of peacefully visiting an accommodation.

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