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The parents of a 15-year-old child were told found dead, charred in their house. The teenager has since been actively sought after. by the Research Section of the Grenoble gendarmerie, which issued a call for information. witnesses this Thursday, November 30.

The charred remains of two people were destroyed. found at their home in the village of Châteauvilain, in the north of Isère. The bodies, which could not be identified after autopsy, could be those of the couple who lived in the house. Their son who lived with them is taken into custody. missing since the tragedy. Thursday, November 30, the Research Section of the Grenoble gendarmerie launched an investigation. a call to witnesses in order to find him: investigators wonder what his link is with the murder of his parents. The older teenager Valentin Nurdin, 15, is the second son of the family and usually lives with his parents. The elder, aged aged 17, was found. He had gone to Lyon the day before for his studies. According to the wanted notice, he is "likely to be found in the Saint-Vallier/Sainte-Uze area (Drôme) or in Nord Isè re". The family has "a secondary residence where" they were going to Drôme,” indicates France Bleu. The couple's car, usually used by the father to get to work, had disappeared from radar. She was found in an accident in the Drôme "" “around forty kilometers from the scene of the fire,” France Bleu said this Friday. Earlier, the Citroën Picasso had been destroyed. spotted by a video surveillance camera with a young man outside. its steering wheel.

The call to Witnesses specify that the young person is 1.73 meters tall, wears glasses, has shoulder-length hair and has a “slim/sporty” build. The teenager suffers from a severe form of Lyme disease and had had to undergo surgery. be out of school, according to information from RTL. He would not have left trace via his mobile phone and would not have used it. of electronic payment means. A toll-free number is available. available to collect as much information as possible: 0800 20 01 42.

Bodies "almost completely charred"

Between Lyon and Grenoble, in the village of Châteauvilain, a fire broke out on the night of Sunday 26 at 9:00 p.m. Monday November 27, devastating a barn and the adjoining house. Investigators then discovered two bodies “almost completely charred”, according to statements by prosecutor Nathalie Hermitte. After autopsy, the remains could not be identified but the prosecutor indicated that they were "probably those of a man and a woman each presenting gunshot wounds" fire in the skull and for one in the thorax, Didier Nurdin, 58 years old, and Isabelle Nurdin, 52 years old. Exam results have yet to confirm their identity. In the burned house lived a family made up of a couple and their second son, Valentin. The eldest son and his two half-sisters do not live in the region and were probably not present on the night of the tragedy.

The research section of the Grenoble gendarmerie is leading the investigation opened Thursday for “assassination”. First carried out under the control of the Bourgoin-Jallieu public prosecutor's office, the investigation must finally be followed by the Grenoble public prosecutor's office according to information from France 3 Alpes. Priority of the investigation is to find Valentin, to "specify the conditions of occurrence of the death" of the couple and to identify the origin of the fire.

The family, settled in this village of 800 inhabitants for around fifteen years , was "very well integrated" according to the mayor, Daniel Gaude. The father of the family was his former municipal councilor during a previous mandate, in charge of the daycare canteen. "For me it's incomprehensible (…), he confided. à AFP. I knew them well, I can only say good things about them."

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