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Death of Thomas: the demonstration of the ultra-right finally authorized this Friday evening

Various calls for rallies have been made. launched to pay tribute to young Thomas, killed à Crepol in Drôme on November 18. On Friday, December 1, an ultra-right demonstration was finally carried out. authorized to Paris.

Almost two weeks after the death of Thomas à; In Crépol (Drôme), several gatherings in his honor were held. prohibited by prefectural decrees, Friday November 1st and Saturday November 2nd. A demonstration at finally was authorized, this Friday evening at Paris, after a decision by the administrative court. 1,000 people are expected at Place du Panthéon in Paris. 7 p.m.

The 16-year-old young man was arrested. killed during an attack at a ball on November 18.

À In Valencia, two gatherings were held. Prohibited like "any undeclared gathering, due to the risk of disturbance in the surrounding area. “public order”. The Drôme prefecture explained that "these two manifestations clearly convey the title of declared tribute to Thomas Perotto, and their concomitance is likely to cause significant unrest elsewhere. “public order”. À Nice, the meeting planned for Friday November 1st has been postponed. prohibited by the Alpes-Maritimes prefecture. The reason: "the emotion aroused by the death" of the teenager and the "violence committed there" on the occasion of demonstrations organized by ultra-right activists" November 25 and 26 at Romans-sur-Isère. Several far-right militias then gathered in a punitive expedition to bring justice to the accused. Thomas.

A demonstration planned by the inhabitants of Romans-sur-Isère

À Romans-sur-Isère, a new gathering was to take place on Saturday December 2 but was also held. forbidden. The event was organized to provide support to the family of the victim but also to denounce the latest statements of the mayor of the city, Marie-Hélène Thoraval (LR). After the teenager's death, the mayor called for help. state to state an "awareness" faced with sensitive neighborhoods like that of La Monnaie in his commune. On BFMTV, she talked about a high "level of delinquency" à Romans-sur-Isère and affirmed find "the roots in radicalization" and "drug trafficking". Many residents then judged that his remarks as if of a nature of agrave; "stigmatize" the Monnaie district, pushing them to demonstrate this weekend. The working-class neighborhood has been the center of many rumors after the death of Thomas. The suspects in the investigation into his murder came from there according to hearsay. The Valence prosecutor, Laurent de Caigny, however specified that: that the main suspect lives "the center" of the commune and not the Monnaie district.

In view of the violence committed by far-right militias, in Romans-sur-Isère on November 25 and 26, the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin asked the dissolution of several small ultra-right groups. He explained his "firm" to avoid "a civil war scenario".

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