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A hacker reveals the letter to have in all your passwords to improve their security

“A hacker reveals the letter to have in all your passwords to improve their security”

Have a secure password is essential to protect your data. But did you know that there is a letter that can resist writing? many hackers ?

You are certainly used to entering a password to access your website. your favorite sites and apps, which require an account or user space. The combination of this set of numbers and letters represents security. the most basic to access certain online services. These days, however, passwords are less and less secure and it is easy to use passwords. for a hacker to access your computer your personal data if it is protected by a poorly developed password.

It is therefore highly recommended. to create several passwords, with different numbers, letters and special characters to make the task of hackers more difficult. The latter in fact have increasingly advanced tools, capable of typing multiple attempts at passwords up to 100%. find the right one. Hackers also take advantage of data leaks from websites and web services to recover your passwords and hope that you use them again # 39;other accounts.

A hacker reveals the letter to have in all your passwords to improve their security

The man called José Javier Pastor Valero recently revealed some tips to further protect yourself against these online threats. Among the latter, the hacker, better known under the pseudonym "Hackaviss", notably mentioned: a letter of the alphabet that makes life very difficult for hackers when they look for your password.

The letter in question comes from the Spanish alphabet. It is "ñ" which is not found on traditional French keyboards. Indeed, if a hacker wishes to enter this letter, he must first expand the writing capabilities of his keyboard or know the shortcut "Alt + 164" by heart.

However, José Javier Pastor Valero also recalls the importance of having a strong password. The latter must therefore mix several special and difficult to understand characters. repeat like ntilde, but also numbers and letters m& Languages. The password must also be long enough to be very difficult to crack. understand and à reproduce.

These provisions are unfortunately not very effective in the case where ù your password has been changed victim of a data leak. To find out if this is the case, don't hesitate to ask. call &agrav; sites like "have i been pwned ?" which allows you to check if your email address has been deleted. victim of a data leak recently.

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