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It is often tempting to delete photos from your smartphone to save storage space. However, there is a more efficient way.

Who has never run out of space on their phone's storage? ? By downloading applications, updates and documents, our phones quickly become saturated with information and can no longer support new installations. Once your storage space is full, it quickly becomes very complicated to download apps or even take new photos or videos.

To get around this problem, many users resort to deleting personal files from their phone. This often starts with somewhat heavy documents, then photographs or videos. It can be quite distressing to sort and even depressing to have to delete such memories to save space on your phone… When other more effective solutions exist!

First of all, you should get rid of apps that you use infrequently, even temporarily! Let's say you want to download the latest update for your smartphone, but you're out of space. Uninstall a few less useful apps, install the latest update, and then update and you can then try to install the said deleted applications again!

There's an easier way to free up space on your smartphone than deleting your photos: try this technique

It is also possible to delete the application cache. These latter store a lot of data over the years and this can be good for your smartphone to get rid of some. To delete the cache of an application, go to your smartphone settings > applications > applications > select the ones that interest you > storage > clear cache.

By doing this on several applications, you will save a lot of storage! This is especially true if you have had these applications for years.

If you really want to touch your photos, there is no need to delete them! First, consider changing the resolution of your camera to drastically reduce their size. On some phones like the iPhone, simply go to the settings of the latter, section “camera” and “formats”. Here, choose the most compatible recording format and capture in 12 Mpx rather than 24 Mpx. Your photos will thus be much less imposing in terms of storage.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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