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A handy new AI is coming to your PC (if you use Google Chrome)

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On May 14, Google started its I/O conference with plenty of announcements related to generative artificial intelligence. Among the main new features announced during the opening keynote were the new version of Google Search, new generative AI integrations on the Workspace productivity suite, and new Android features based on Gemini.

But Google has not forgotten the web. And during his Developer Keynote, he announced a powerful feature that is coming to version 126 of Google Chrome. Indeed, from this version, the web browser will integrate the Gemini Nano artificial intelligence model. As a reminder, Gemini Nano is a lightweight version of Gemini, which is small enough to run locally. Although it is not as efficient as Gemini Pro, it is capable of running on the user's device, without requiring the cloud.

The advantage of this format is that, thanks to its local operation, it allows basic tasks to be carried out more quickly (since it does not require a connection to the servers). Additionally, using a local AI model can also be a huge privacy benefit. Gemini Nano is already used by the Google Pixel 8 series, and Samsung's Galaxy S24 series, to provide certain AI features. And soon, this model will be directly integrated into Google Chrome.

What changes for Internet users

During its Developer Keynote, Google indicated that it will use, for example, the Gemini Nano model, integrated into Chrome, to provide the “help me write” writing assistance functionality. The user will be able to use AI to write short texts, such as messages, comments for a product sheet, or publications for social networks. And since Gemini Nano will run locally on Google Chrome, the AI ​​response time will be very short.

Furthermore, Google will not have the exclusivity of this Gemini Nano model integrated into Chrome. Indeed, the technology will be available to other developers in the form of an API. They will therefore be able to offer, on their sites, subtitling, translation, or even writing functionalities, at a lower cost. These features will in fact be easy to set up, and do not require servers.

Google explains that it has, on the one hand, modified Gemini Nan, and the other side, optimized Google Chrome so that the AI ​​can work smoothly. Jon Dahlke, Google's director of product management for Chrome, also says that it is trying to convince other browsers to integrate this technology, or offer similar features.

  • Among the new features announced by Google on May 14, there is the integration of the Gemini Nano model into version 126 of Google Chrome
  • Gemini Nano is a lightweight version of Gemini that is small enough to run locally
  • This local operation allows the AI ​​to be faster (since it does not need to communicate with servers), when it is called upon for basic tasks
  • Google will use Gemini Nano to provide editorial support features, and will also offer the technology to website developers via APIs

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