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A highly anticipated new feature is coming to Waze, every driver will love it

A new feature This useful tool has just arrived on Waze and many users will be delighted with it.

Waze has become in just a few years – she was é launched in 2008 – the reference navigation application for several million French people who use it every day to plan their routes and directions. benefit from its many features. In addition to real-time calculation of the fastest routes, Waze provides motorists with a wealth of information collected and shared by active members of the community. Traffic jams, accidents, works, location of law enforcement checks and speed cameras… Everything is done to facilitate the journeys of some 140 million users in the world.

The success of Waze is such today that each new product is a success. likely to improve the application is closely scrutinized by users. And indeed, a new functionality. was recently released developed and has been available in a Beta version for a few days. It will certainly delight many users who have been asking for it for several years. What is it about?

Since the end of May, it has now been possible to receive alerts for speed bumps. You know, those "bumps" which grow like mushrooms on the roads of France. If the purpose is speed bumps to encourage cars to move forward driving slower is noble, their explosion in recent years, particularly in cities where it is not uncommon to see them implanted every 200 meters, is not always very well received by the motorists.

A highly anticipated new feature is coming to Waze, every driver will love it

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It must be said that riding on a humpback is not very comfortable and that it is sometimes tiring for those behind you. Use the steering wheel to accelerate, brake, accelerate, brake for several hundred meters. The new functionality of Waze does not have the power to make the speed bumps disappear but it at least has the merit of informing people about the problem. advances the driver of their presence.

If in France they are rather well signposted with a sign located next to the site. upstream, it arrives at everyone can be a little distracted while driving, or have poor visibility. at night or in bad weather, and arriving a little quickly on a hillock. The reflex is to brake suddenly – which can be dangerous if you are closely followed by another vehicle -, or to pass on it without slowing down, which is good neither for the back nor for the mechanics.

This new feature will thus allow &agrav; all users of the application to anticipate speed bumps and gain driving comfort. Obviously not yet listed on the Waze map, so don't be surprised if the one in your residential area is not reported. Editors add them as they go along. However, it will probably take some time before it is complete, but it is already there. possible to see appear on the screen of your tablet or smartphone a small yellow diamond containing a speed bump drawn by in black. If you have not yet received notifications of this Like, make sure your app (downloadable on Android and iPhone) is up to date. day.

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