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This priority escapes thousands of motorists, yet the fine is 135 euros if you do not respect it

The Highway Code is not always well known to motorists, particularly with regard to priority rules.

To regulate traffic, several rules concerning priorities are included in the Highway Code. STOP signs, give way, right of way and pedestrian crossings are among the most common priorities, those that we inevitably come across when driving a few kilometers behind the wheel of our vehicle. They are necessary because they ensure the safety of road users, who must for their part respect these priorities under penalty of being fined by the police.

A situation arises much less frequently but still requires knowing how to react when it occurs. It happens on the road to suddenly hear sirens and see the lights of a flashing light in your rearview mirrors. This is the prerogative of priority vehicles, such as those of the fire brigade, the national and municipal police, the gendarmerie, the SAMU and SMUR, the armed forces or customs. Flashing lights and sirens provide a clear indication that a vehicle is on an emergency mission. They alert other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians that there is a situation requiring rapid response. Faced with This sudden situation sometimes causes you to panic while driving because it is not always easy to know what behavior to adopt, especially when traffic is heavy.

This priority escapes thousands of motorists, yet the fine is 135 euros if you do not respect it

Thus, many motorists do not always know how to react to the passage of emergency vehicles and this sometimes gives rise to serious accidents. quite a mess on the road. The rules are quite simple, however. When a priority vehicle approaches, it is requested to the driver to let him pass so as not to waste time. This can be done by parking on the side of the road. of the roadway, giving him space to pass between two lanes of traffic, giving him priority. even if he faces the enemy. a red light, a STOP or give way and even stopping if necessary to allow him to overtake you more easily.< /p>

If in the heat of the moment you hesitate to know how to act without risking causing an accident elsewhere, it is essential to know that&# 39;in France the Highway Code clearly stipulates that users must give way to traffic. to priority vehicles in intervention. Failure to do so is punishable by law.

Indeed, not facilitating the passage of priority vehicles can lead to a 4th class fine, which corresponds to the removal of 4 points from the driving license and a fine of 135 euros. Beyondà Despite the risk of being heavily sanctioned, it is important to keep in mind that priority vehicles are often on urgent missions, sometimes to save lives. By giving them priority, you contribute to their success. reduce the time necessary for them to reach their destination, whether to respond to an accident, fire, or other critical situation.

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