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A historic brand unfolds its plan to challenge Apple and Samsung

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We sometimes forget it, but Motorola is the pioneer of mobile telephony. Indeed, in 1973, it was on the Motorola DynaTAC that the very first mobile phone call was made. And since then, the Motorola brand is still present in the market, although it has a single-digit share, when Apple and Samsung have a combined share of 40%. But Motorola's current owner, Lenovo, has a plan for this historic brand to become a world leader within 3 years.

Number 3 in 3 years

As a reminder, Motorola Mobility was bought by Google in 2012. Then, the Mountain View firm resold it to Lenovo in 2014. And it is this Chinese company which aims to challenge Apple and Samsung, by entering the Top 3 in the world rankings. As CNBC reports, during an interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Matthew Zielinski, president of international markets at Lenovo, said: “I would bet my salary that in three years , we will be number three in the world.”

Today, although they have a modest market share worldwide, Motorola and Lenovo are well positioned in certain markets, including the United States. And to increase its sales worldwide, Motorola intends to rely, in part, on the premium segment. This strategy could actually pay off for Motorola, since recent observations indicate that consumers are increasingly interested in high-end devices, which they can keep for longer.

Towards an increase in the premium segment

For example, in a report published on January 2, the company Counterpoint mentions a possible 6% increase in sales of premium devices (smartphones sold for more than $600, according to this company's definition) worldwide. .

“Given the importance of a smartphone, consumers are willing to spend more to get a high-quality device than They can use longer. Owning the latest and greatest flagship products has also become a status symbol for many consumers, especially in emerging markets where they are moving straight from the mid-price bracket to the high-end bracket”< /em>, said Varun Mishra, senior analyst at Counterpoint.

2023: a special year

< p>For its part, IDC estimates that 20% of smartphones shipped are currently premium smartphones. And this firm also considers that if Apple managed to dethrone Samsung in 2023, it is partly thanks to this trend. Apple specializes in premium, while Samsung covers all segments.

Lenovo could therefore also take advantage of this trend favoring sales of high-end smartphones to increase sales of Motorola devices. And at the same time, the Lenovo brand could rely on the Indian market to increase its sales. The growing Indian population makes it an important market. And at the same time, Lenovo intends to benefit from government policy, which favors the assembly of smartphones in the country.

  • Currently owned by Lenovo, the Motorola brand is a pioneer in mobile telephony (the very first call was made with a Motorola)
  • Lenovo recently indicated that it aims to become number 3 in the world within 3 years, relying in part on the premium segment
  • Indeed, consumers are increasingly interested to high-end smartphones
  • And according to IDC, it is this trend that allowed Apple to become number 1 in 2023, by dethroning Samsung< /li>

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