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Don't break your Apple Vision Pro, you will pay dearly for it (literally)

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The Apple Vision Pro headset is one of the most anticipated tech products of this year. Rightly so! During the WWDC conference in June 2023, Apple created an event with the announcement of its very first mixed reality headset. In addition to the promised advanced technologies, which are sure to appeal to tech aficionados, the price of the Apple Vision Pro has also made a lotof ink. The first tests are, moreover, far from the announced revolution.

A few days before the launch of the Apple Vision Pro in the United States, all eyes are on the Cupertino company. Will the mixed reality headset be the predicted revolution or will it be a huge failure?? For the moment, it is difficult to know precisely what reception tech enthusiasts will give to Apple Vision Pro. But Apple's headset is already out of stock after pre-orders opened last week.

But if the price of the mixed reality headset was already enough to chill users, new information does not help matters. Indeed, it seems that the repair costs for the Apple Vision Pro would also be astronomical. The most clumsy will therefore have every interest in taking great care of it…

Repairing your Apple Vision Pro will cost you extremely expensive

When you buy a $3499 product like the Apple Vision Pro, the least you can do is to be very careful about it. But we are never safe from an unfortunate fall or an unfortunate incident. In this sense, it seems that the Cupertino company offers two types of repairs for your Apple Vision Pro.

In the event of replacing the protective glass of the mixed reality headset , it will cost 799 dollars. But if it is “other damages”, this could go up to 2400 dollars. In other words, in this case we are talking about repairs that can reach almost 67% of the selling price of the new Apple Vision Pro. It hurts…

Let us remember, however, that this is an innovative and unique product with advanced technologies, which can justify this high cost in terms of of repair. In addition, subscribing to Apple Care+ will of course reduce the bill by a few hundred dollars. For $25 per month, Apple insurance subscribers will be able to save between $500 and $2,100 depending on the damage, which is far from negligible. Despite everything, the cost remains exorbitant if you damage your Apple Vision Pro.

With a product priced at $3,499, it is almost certain that Apple (but not only that!) will unveil numerous cases and other accessories to best protect your Apple Vision Pro. Here again, you will have to go to the checkout. But it should be more reasonable and less burdensome than the cost of repairing the mixed reality headset.

  • The Apple headset Vision Pro will be officially launched on February 2, 2024 in the United States
  • Marketed at $3,499, it will cost between $799 and $2,499 to repair it
  • This could represent up to 68% of the price of the new Apple Vision Pro

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