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Smartphones will only be a (bad) memory within ten years, some experts believe

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A race to reinvent the smartphone is underway, the desire to imagine what comes next is there&# 8221; proclaims Damien Douani, a digital and digital expert. Indeed, the emergence of certain projects such as AI Pin by Humane, Rabbit R1 by Rabbit Inc. or even the secret project of Sam Altman and Jony Ive suggest that the the wind may be turning. These micro devices powered by AI could well dethrone our smartphones in the future.

At the heart of these innovations: AI

Without too much surprise, artificial intelligence is the driving force behind these innovations. Damien Douani distinguishes between two trends. The first, which consists of integrating increasingly complex screens closer to our eyes. Projects like the Apple Vision Pro or Ray Ban Stories from Meta perfectly illustrate this desire. The second tendency is to make the screen completely disappear. Devices like the AI ​​PIN and the Rabbit R1 are very telling examples.

Smaller devices, but very powerful, because powered by AI. Damien Douani explains: “In this, the Rabbit R1 constitutes a first step: an intelligent super agent who understands me and who is capable of bringing back the answer to my question“.

Florent Roulier, innovation manager at Niji (consulting, design and technological implementation company) believes that “AI Pin and Rabbit R1 really offer an alternative to the smartphone, rather than a complementary device, like a smartwatch”. From his point of view, the absence of a screen could even be an advantage, because it would make the device less time-consuming .

A future already mapped out ?

Even if the disruptive potentialof these devices is obvious, this does not mean that their global adoption is guaranteed. Remember the ancestors of tablets in the early 2000s, like the Microsoft Tablet PC. Presented as revolutionary devices, they did not meet with the expected success. We had to wait until 2010 with the arrival of the first iPad for tablets to take off.

Same observation for the N- Nokia pledge! This console phone was perhaps too far ahead of its time and will not have succeeded in meeting the expectations of Finnish society or buyers. However, mobile gaming has grown considerably years later and is today the most profitable sector of video games .

For these new pocket AI assistants, it might be the same effect occurs. Damien Douani further emphasizes that “the AI ​​Pin and Rabbit R1 are not objects made for entertainment, nor for going on social networks&amp ;#8220;. Today, more than 60% of the world's population uses them, which could slow down their adoption.

These devices will likely be of interest to people looking for to reduce their dependence on smartphones, an opinion shared by Florent Roulier. Damien Douani sees the near future (around ten years) as a time when technology will be omnipresent, but invisible. The question of the total replacement of smartphones, however, remains open and nothing has yet been decided.

  • Smartphones may be rendered obsolete within ten years, according to some experts.
  • A hasty replacement by the&#8217 The emergence of new devices, AI-powered micro assistants like the AI ​​Pin and Rabbit R1.
  • Nothing is yet engraved in marble, and it is possible that these devices will not meet their audience and that global adoption will not occur.

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