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A man stabbed at the Longueuil courthouse

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The victim is an elderly man in his sixties.


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A court interpreter was stabbed at the Longueuil courthouse on Tuesday. He would be seriously injured.

Police officers from the Longueuil agglomeration police service (SPAL) confirm that they were called to intervene around noon following an armed attack that occurred inside the building.

The assault reportedly took place around 11:30 a.m. on the second floor of the building. The attack allegedly took place with a knife and caused injuries to the upper body. The weapon was found.

Still according to the SPAL, the victim is a man in his sixties. He is currently in a hospital and is in serious condition. A 43-year-old man was arrested at the scene and is being questioned by police.

A spokesperson for the SPAL initially confirmed that the two individuals knew each other and had a professional connection, adding that the suspect was known to the police. The SPAL now assures that the two individuals did not know each other and that the suspect was unknown to the police.

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The motives and circumstances surrounding this event remain to be established. An investigation is underway, indicates the police department.

Some people were present at the courthouse during the attack.

I heard a person with lots of blood on his face and throat screaming "Help! Help! Help!”, says an individual who was not far from the crime scene.

The person had a spout of blood in their face and neck. We couldn't even see the details of his face.

A quote from A witness present at the Longueuil courthouse during the attack

I saw a well-known interpreter – of Asian origin – bloodied, heading towards the bathroom screaming. We could see a lot of blood flowing down his person. I can't tell you where his injuries were, said Patrick Davis, a criminal lawyer.

30 seconds to a minute later, an individual was seen who appeared to be fleeing. Presumably he had fears. He told us: "Be careful, he has a gun."

A quote from Patrick Davis, criminal-lawyer

The courthouse remains open. Citizens are, however, asked to only come to the courthouse if they have to.

With information from Pascal Robidas.

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