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Good Samaritan Killed: Not Criminally Responsible Accused

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Paul Pender, who was 54 years old at the time of his death in 2022, promoted organic wines and won several awards.


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A man who was in crisis when he stabbed to death a renowned Niagara winemaker in 2022 was found not criminally responsible for his actions last week in the Superior Court of Justice.

Bradley House, who had pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder, suffered from mental health issues and had used drugs before attacking Paul Pender at his cottage in Selkirk, Ontario .

According to court documents, the defendant was incapable of rational thought and knowing that what he was doing was wrong.

Superior Court Judge Michael Bordin accepted the defense arguments and called the events tragic and a Good Samaritan nightmare.

Bradley House will remain interned in the forensic psychiatry department at St. Joseph's Healthcare Hospital Hamilton. The Ontario Review Board will determine what risk he represents and how much freedom he will be able to enjoy.

The judge and two forensic psychiatry experts concluded that the suspect had no memory of the attack. The accused's lawyer, Beth Bromberg, said he felt remorse and could not believe he had killed Paul Pender.

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Bradley House, 33, was doing renovations on a home located about a mile from the victim's cottage on February 3, 2022. He was addicted to cocaine and oxycodone and suffered from mental health problems, including visual and auditory hallucinations.

During the evening, he had ventured outside without a coat in the middle of a snowstorm and attempted to remove a camera he thought he had in his ear. He arrived at the chalet very distraught and bleeding from the mouth and ear.

Mr. Pender pretended to remove an imaginary twig from the man's ear using tweezers while his wife called 911. Bradley House eventually grabbed a knife and stabbed the victim.

A medical evaluation of Bradley House at the crime scene describes him as unintelligible, moaning, stammering, shaking and gurgling.

Paul Pender, who worked for Tawse Wine and Spirits, is survived by his wife and several children and grandchildren.

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