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A new key is arriving on PC keyboards: what is it for ?


Thanks to its partnership with OpenAI, of which it is one of the investors, Microsoft has access to its models, including GPT-4 and DALL-E. And it is these OpenAI technologies that the Redmond firm uses to offer its new Copilot assistant, which provides free access to the paid features of ChatGPT. Currently, Copilot is offered on Bing, on a dedicated website, and on a mobile application on Android and iOS. In addition to this, Microsoft has also integrated Copilot into Windows 11, which allows quick access to this assistant when using a PC.

To facilitate access to this new Windows assistant, Microsoft has even invented a new keyboard shortcut, which allows you to invoke Copilot: Win + C. And on new computers, we will even be entitled to a key dedicated to the assistant. In essence, in addition to the Windows key, future PCs will also have a Copilot key.

The news was announced by Microsoft, in an article published on its blog. “The introduction of the Copilot key marks the first significant change to the Windows PC keyboard in nearly three decades. We believe this will make it easier for people to participate in the AI ​​transformation. The Copilot key joins the Windows key as the central part of the PC keyboard, and when pressed, the new key will invoke the Copilot experience in Windows to make it easier to use. ;Copilot’s commitment to your daily life”, we can read in this announcement.

Next to the Alt key?

Microsoft also released a video presentation of the new Copilot key. This video shows us the symbol that will be used by Microsoft, and gives us an idea of ​​its location. In the video, the new key is positioned between Alt and the arrows. But the exact location may vary depending on the model and brand of the computer.

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In any case, this announcement shows the importance of Copilot in Microsoft's strategy, which has even decided to modify the PC keyboard so that it adapts to the new uses introduced by the artificial intelligence revolution. According to the firm, the first PCs equipped with the Copilot key will be presented this January. And they will be available from February. Obviously, Microsoft's next Surface computers will adopt the new keyboard.

A new generation of computers optimized for AI

Today, we already have access to powerful artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT or Copilot, on any computer. But in the coming years, we will see PCs more optimized for AI, which will be able to run certain functionalities based on this technology locally, but not in the cloud.

Otherwise, it should also be remembered that this year, we will also see PCs able to compete with Macs using Apple Silicon chips. Indeed, Qualcomm is offering a new chip whose performance is comparable to that of Apple processors.

  • News key arrives on PC keyboards
  • This is a key that allows quick access to Copilot, the Windows 11 assistant boosted with intelligence generative artificial
  • This is the first major change to the PC keyboard since the introduction of the Windows key

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