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“A serial rapist” wanted in Isère, what we know about the suspect

A hunt à the man has been in the Grenoble area for several weeks now. Various rapes and sexual assaults could well have been committed. perpetrated by the same individual.

Eight. This is the number of victims that the Grenoble police services would have counted. in this affair which began several weeks ago. According to information from Dauphiné released, which reveals this affair, the rapes and assaults reported by eight young women to the police could well have been committed by the police. committed by one and the same individual. If the facts occurred in various places in the Grenoble metropolitan area, the local daily newspaper mentioning in particular the neighboring commune to Grenoble, Saint-Martin-d'Hères, as well as the Saint-Bruno and Catania districts of the former capital of the Dauphiné, a mode of operation ratory seems to be taking shape.

As relayed by TF1 Info, the prosecutor of the Republic of Grenoble érefers to a "violent" who would systematically attack women late at night. These victims would be attacked at the moment when they arrive home, when they return from work or from the evening. Few other details are officially mentioned by the authorities in charge of the case, except the in place of an important system to find this individual who would a priori travel by scooter, reports the Dauphiné released.

On social networks, on the other hand, messages calling for the greatest vigilance and giving more details on the physique of the man sought, have flourished in recent times. "Grenoble, attention, a attacker roams the city center at night. Here is his description: redhead, in his twenties, 1.70 m, wanted; by the police”, indicate different Instagram accounts. A description that the prosecutor does not confirm, however. 

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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