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“A step in the wrong direction”… Why Xbox (also) is attacking Apple


A few days ago, Apple formalized the new conditions of use for its AppStore. However, many developers quickly detected a downside regarding the new conditions on iPhone around sideloading, so much so that the “0% commission” presented as a new option for developers turns out to be somewhat misleading. On the Xbox side, we have just launched a little dig at the giant Apple, pointing out the new conditions imposed on developers.

Apple goes wrong according to Xbox

Indeed, it was the president of the Xbox division herself, Sarah Bond, who wanted to react to a message posted on X (formerly Twitter) by the boss of Spotify. “Apple's new policy is a step in the wrong direction. We hope they will listen to the feedback on the program they are proposing and work towards a more inclusive future for all” she says.

This comes on top of the virulent reaction from the giant Spotify, to say the least, which described the new fee structure on iPhone as being “extortion ”, while the DMA implementation was considered a “total farce”. Good atmosphere then.

For Sarah Bond, constructive conversations must foster change and progress towards open platforms and greater competition.

Remember that it was the European Union that demanded that Apple open up some of its systems to competition. Among them, the App Store was to allow the installation of applications by sideloading, that is to say carrying out these installations without going through the official store, and this will be effective in March, with the new iOS update 17.4.

For the record, let's remember that the days are not very happy on the Xbox side either, since Microsoft very recently confirmed its desire to lay off no less than 2,000 employees, notably within ’ Activision Blizzard, which the American giant bought for $70 billion… This represents no less than 9% of the 22,000 employees assigned to video games at Microsoft.

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