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Vision Pro: what do the first journalists who received it think ?

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The first journalists and YouTubers received Apple's new Vision Pro a few days ago. The opportunity to sometimes deliver unboxing, getting started, or even more in-depth tests and feedback. Obviously, all these tests are in English: Apple reserves the first units of the Vision Pro for its American customers. Here is what the first journalists to have been able to test the headset thought.

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CNET was able to detail many still mysterious aspects of the Vision Pro. In particular its comfort, which he compares to the Meta Quest 3 or the Digital Crown, this encoder which allows you to go from augmented reality to virtual reality with a simple rotation. One of the fun aspects, which comes up in other handlings, is the eye display on the external screen of the Vision Pro.

This feature is based on Personas, the facial scan (in beta) which provides a relatively faithful avatar which is also used during Facetime calls from the headset. For now, while journalists note that the display is very responsive, the rendering seems blurry, “as if the front of the headset was dirty”. The viewing angle is not necessarily impressive.

When you go from augmented reality to virtual reality, the change is reflected on the exterior of the headset with a bluish animation which more or less obscures the Personas function depending on the VR level chosen by the user. Rather a good point to inform the entourage that the user can or cannot see them.

The journalist also shows what the &# looks like 8217;use of the headset in productivity mode, quite convincingly. You can display windows all around you, as if the environment were a giant external screen. The headset can also take immersive photos that can be explored by turning your head.

For the videos, the journalist talks about “a hologram that is reminiscent of Minority Report”. With subjects that give the impression in the headset of being their real size as if you were. He ends by talking about gaming: “don’don't buy a Vision Pro to play games. This is not a platform made for this… he explains.

Joanna Stern absolutely chose to wear the helmet for (almost) 24 hours straight. With this question: how can the Vision Pro integrate into our everyday lives? The journalist details the rather intuitive operation of the interface, in particular the selection of applications with gaze and gesture “thumb versus index finger” to validate. Then, being keen on writing, she took on the challenge of writing complete articles from the headset.

Then comes a big problem: the virtual keyboard which is not very useful for writing texts beyond short messages. However, it is possible to connect a real keyboard to the Vision Pro. And that's not all: there is perfect integration and continuity between the Vision Pro and other Apple devices like the MacBook. Once the latter is connected, you then benefit from a giant virtual display, much larger than the computer screen.

It is then possible to launch Mac applications alongside Vision Pro applications, and mix the two to increase productivity. Next come FaceTime calls. Before the first call, the headset scans the Vision Pro owner's face to create a fairly realistic virtual avatar. But her interlocutors did not seem convinced by the work of the AI: the face of the journalist's virtual avatar was a little puffy. It should be noted that the feature, called Personas, is still in beta.

Next comes comfort: after several hours of intense use, the journalist notes that the top of the helmet is quite warm to the touch. To improve overall comfort, she is also trying to replace the strap with the Dual Loop strap included in the box. With apparently a real benefit in his case. Beyond that, she explains that she had to charge the headset battery every 2-3 hours.

Next comes a fairly impressive demo: the journalist launches an app kitchen, and starts cooking. First benefit: no more onions that burn your eyes. Second plus: timers exactly above each pan. Other points covered by this guide: entertainment, but also video recording.

The Verge does not hesitate to ask some annoying questions about the Vision Pro . Including: “is using the Vision Pro so good that I'm ready to end up messy every time I wear it ? Is it so good that I'm ready to carry it in its giant official bag rather than my usual bag ? Is it so good that I prefer to look at the world through screens, rather than my eyes ? ”…

And to add: “In other words: do I prefer to use a computer in the headset, or outside ?”. The journalist begins by emphasizing that contrary to Apple's claims, this is fundamentally a very premium VR headset. According to him, space tracking is particularly successful, however. And this approach has advantages, especially with the quality of the equipment developed by the firm.

On realism, the journalist seems impressed: the passtrough video is in ultra high definition, with no notable latency. Only small downside: the color rendering which remains unnatural according to the journalist. The journalist also explores the “spatial computing” dimension. It reveals that it is possible to display the iPad and Mac applications simultaneously in the Vision Pro, alongside the Vision Pro.

Its general conclusion? We are on a first generation, and progress remains necessary.

For now, Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) has mainly focused on a complete unboxing. His video allows you to see the entire unboxing experience, everything that Apple includes with the Vision Pro, but also the optional accessories, notably the carrying bag sold for 200 dollars.< /p>

The famous YouTuber also starts the headset for the first time and launches the installation.

iJustine is also one of the YouTubers who generally have the chance to preview the latest Apple products. Beyond the unboxing itself, iJustine details in more detail the installation of the headset, its interface, and the new so-called 'spatial' applications. on the Vision Pro. His feelings are one of the most positive in the series. But the video allows you to see in detail what the Vision Pro experience is like.

  • A very select number of journalists and YouTubers have just received the Apple Vision Pro.
  • L’opportunity to review their first impressions and tests.
  • But also to better discover the product through unboxings, and the use of its interface.
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