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A student describes his teacher in an essay, he is stunned when he sees the copy

A teacher was é disconcerted by discovering the response of one of his students to a writing exercise. The copy is already there. around the web.

Teachers often have great anecdotes à tell. A professor had recently shared that an image of the 1900 euros in notes that she had found on her table, coming from two students. They hoped to bribe her to get an extra point in their average. Another teacher has just revealed a new funny story about one of the schoolchildren in his class. This time, it's by reading the copy of this young student that the teacher was teaching. surprised.

The teacher had asked Ask your primary school pupils to describe a person around them during an exercise on paper. The goal was to respect the rules of numbering with the corresponding punctuation. ;eve, of which he revealedé the copy, followed the instructions perfectly, à one detail: he chose to describe a particular person in his entourage, his teacher. Here's what the child wrote: “Victor, my teacher is: kind, smart, bald, dramatic (sometimes) and good”.

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If he first raised the issue, the correct punctuation, the schoolmaster then checked on the correct punctuation. flattered by the first two qualifiers, rather friendly. He was then é amusé by cruelty very involuntary behavior of the child, who obviously lingered about his baldness problems. But this is the use of the term "dramatic" which undoubtedly surprised him the most. It ended quite unexpectedly, especially among young students. The latter, however, is not offended. and has, in the rest of the video, overplayed this role, pretending to cry in bed.

It is not uncommon for exercises carried out in class to bring out children's offbeat perceptions of their environment and the world in general. ;ral. And the professor who shared his anecdote was of course amusing. Victor Lopez Garrido, who teaches à Logroño, in Spain, quite simply titled his video "They love me". And this is being widely shared on TikTok.

A student describes his teacher in an essay, he is stunned when he sees the copy


The video has already been released. harvest more than 13,000 views &agrav; the time when we write these lines. In the comments, the laughter continues. Some people raise the "sometimes" well put in parentheses when it comes to describing the side' "dramatic" of the teacher.

The professor, however, did not reveal what he was doing. what he scored back on the copy. For example, did he thank you? student for this description, added &agrav; in turn an amusing or amused commenté on the copy ? Some Internet users called é the professor à assign &agrav; his student receives the maximum mark for originality. of his response, which still respects the instructions of the exercise.

Victor Lopez Garrido, who regularly shares this kind of anecdote, is much appreciated by many fans. of his students: some time previously, he had published the video of a fake paper cake which was accompanied by with a little message. It said: "For the best math and language teacher". 

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