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A violent fire in an arms factory in Berlin, what major risks ?

A major fire broke out in the Diehl Metal à Berlin, Friday May 3. The factory notably produces weapons equipment for Ukraine. Residents are invited to join us. to confine ourselves, an important device has been implemented. put in place to extinguish the fire.

The incident is said to have started around 10:30 a.m. in a technical room on the first floor of the factory, according to the German media Bild, this Friday, May 3. A violent fire broke out à Berlin, in an establishment of the Diehl Metal industrial group. In this factory, located at West of Berlin, the company manufactures, among other things, armaments such as anti-aircraft defense systems IRIS-T SLM, which are currently delivered to the Ukrainian army. 

On Twitter, Internet users shared; Impressive images of the fire. We see thick black smoke coming out of the factory. 

The inhabitants invited to confine yourself

The smoke is heading north and therefore towards the urbanized area of ​​Berlin.  According to Berlin Fire Brigade spokesperson Adrian Wanzel, it could contain sulfuric acid and hydrogen cyanide. As this cloud of smoke is potentially toxic and dangerous, the population of part of Berlin is invited to avoid it. confine yourself and à Close your windows carefully. On Twitter, a map posted by the firefighters shows the area affected by these instructions. Firefighters are currently measuring the toxicity rate. air in the streets of the area.

Children from nearby schools were taken away. confined to their establishment while waiting for their parents to come pick them up. The firefighters, who are at least 170 à To be mobilized, work with protective suits. 7 and a half hours after the start of the fire, it is still not under control, reports the media Berliner Zeitung . "We have the problem of not being able to reach the depths to  extinguish the fire", explains the fire brigade spokesperson. “The rubble of the collapsed building" “They are superimposed and we can only access them from the outside,” he continued. No one was involved. injured, no deaths were reported. deplored. The operation is expected to continue into the night.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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