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This former legionnaire gives an “angel smile” to his victim, an act of horror linked to his past ?

After pruning the an "angel smile" à his victim in 2021, a former legionnaire was murdered. condemned à eight months in prison, Thursday May 2. The accused would be traumatized by the external operations in which he participated when he was in the army.

The facts go back à November 2021. A former legionnaire would have cut an "angel smile" à a 39-year-old Pole whom he knows little. The angel smile, or Glasgow smile, is a torture which consists of Widen a person's mouth by cutting the cheeks, lips and ears with a knife. In this case, the knife used is a blade à double edge of 23 centimeters. It comes from the Foreign Legion, according to the newspaper Sud Ouest.

Trauma by the Foreign Legion ?

An act that could have a link with the pasté of the accused, condemned to Thursday 2 May &agrave eight years in prison for acts of torture and barbarity. "I can no longer stand the shouting, if the other doesn't stop I'# 39;&eac;nerve", he saidé during his trial. "My head itches. I feel a lump swelling behind my skull. Afterwards I get a rush of adrenaline and I explode,” he explains. The man would be traumatized by the external operations in which he participated as a legionnaire between 1997 and 2007. He also lost an ear during an explosion. 

A psychological expertise was carried out. carried out. According to the psychologist, the man could have found himself in the same psychological conditions as when he was fighting. for the Legion. Me Gr&goire Barreau, lawyer for the accused, wants to reclassify the facts as aggravated violence. & quot;For years, we trained him à Above all, don't let anything appear, said the lawyer. "If he hasn't allowed himself to open up, it's because he's afraid that you will see him as a monster. He is à çto collapse", he continued. 

On the evening of the events, the two men met to give each other furniture. The former legionary would then have invited the victim à drink wine and beers. The police intervened two hours later. The Pole, found disfigured in a stairwell, suppose someone has "put something" in his "glass". 2.5 grams of alcohol, cannabis and medicines were taken into account. found in his blood. Five wounds were found. found on his body, including three that went from his lips to his ears. His teeth were visible. "I would have preferred" die rather than look like ça", the victim told investigators. 

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