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Soon the arrival of the Xbox Portable ? A new feature teases the console

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Available since the end of 2020, Microsoft's new Xboxes continue to gain in functionality through firmware updates. Recently, a Wi-Fi network feature was spotted in a beta version of Xbox software. Thus, Microsoft is currently working on a new feature, aimed at allowing the Xbox to remember several networks, in order to switch from one to the other more easily.

A function to remember WiFi networks on Xbox

A feature which will obviously be very useful if you regularly take your console on vacation, to a friend's house, to a relative's house… In this way, there is no need to reconnect the console manually each time, since (like a smartphone) the latter will automatically connect to an already known Wi-Fi network, as soon as the latter is spotted.

Currently under testing, it is not yet known when this feature will be offered to all users. However, due to its 'nomadic' side, it immediately sparked new rumors, and new proof that Microsoft is working on its own portable Xbox console.

In fact, for several months already, portable machines (ROG Ally, Steam Deck, Legion Go…) have enjoyed real success with certain players, particularly those who, for one reason or another, do not always have access to the Smart TV in the living room. A very appreciated nomadic side, which notably pushed Sony to market its PlayStation Portal, a remote reading device for the PS5.

In addition, these same ROG Ally, Legio Go and other Logitech G-Cloud are able to allow players to take advantage of Xbox Game Pass. So many elements that could push Microsoft to seriously consider this avenue of the “Xbox portable“, fantasized about for several years now by players. Remember that unlike Sony, Microsoft has never attempted adventure with portable video game consoles.

And if this “Xbox portable” was an integral part of the Xbox Games Showcase coming on June 9 ? Answer in a few weeks.

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