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A virus, which had almost disappeared, spreads and causes the death of 5 babies in 2024

Health public France alerts on the number of cases of severe infections in France a pathogen that has not circulated much in recent years. He has already cause&eac; the death of 5 babies since the start of the year.

An epidemic that is worrying. In 2024, no less than 5 babies will die after an infection. Parvovirus B19. A virus of the parvoviridae family which is generally transmitted by the respiratory route. It can cause asymptomatic forms but can also cause the famous “fifth” disease. Quite simply because it is the fifth viral infection with measles, rubella, chickenpox and rosola. 

The infection à Parvovirus B19 "continues its rise in 2024"

If Parvovirus B19 has circulated little in recent years, Santé public France has noticed an upsurge in recent months. The epidemic particularly affects children, but can also lead to miscarriages and a risk of death in pregnant women. Severe feto-placental swelling. In a report released Monday evening, Santé public France announces that this new infection epidemic which affects all categories of disease age at the beginning in May 2023. "Its intensityé increased in the last quarter of 2023 and it continues its rise in 2024 with a peak which has not yet been reached. reached in March". 

Some perinatal services indicate, for example, an increase in miscarriages and fetal deaths linked to an infection. Parvovirus B19. On the other hand, cases of severe infections, although increasing according to certain emergency doctors and resuscitators, are not increasing. could not be quantified.

5 deaths in children under one year old

In fact, "the number of deaths linked to an infection à Parvovirus B 19 was on average 1.8/year in the pre-pandemic period and mainly affected adults. Even if this number remains low and consistent with the low severity of the outbreak, of infection, it is at risk. monitor because it has increased significantly since 2022 in connection with the more active circulation of the virus and affects more children, who constitute the entire population. of 5 deaths already reported recorded for the year 2024 via electronic certification of deaths precise Sant&eac; public France.

The 5 deaths occurred in children under the age of one, including 4 newborns. s continued &agrav; a congenital infection. An upsurge which could be explained by less exposure to Parvovirus during the Covid period due to barrier gestures and government restrictions. 

A negative test measles as a serious possibility

On the other hand, it is tricky to diagnose an infection. Parvovirus B19, "because skin rashes may be due to parvovirus B19," lots of viruses in children. Red cheeks are often considered an atypical symptom, except that many children have red cheeks from the slightest fever. specifies Michaël Rochoy, general practitioner in the columns of Le Parisien. So, in children, if a test for severe measles turns out to be negative, this may be a serious possibility. laughing, especially in these times of resurgence of Parvovirus B19.

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