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To welcome you, BforBank is offering you up to €200

© BforBank

© BforBankA subsidiary of the Crédit Agricole group, BforBank is today a key player in the online banking landscape. Last year, she understood that it was necessary to broaden her horizons and adapt to the expectations of the French. Thus, BforBank recently carried out a total overhaul. From its offers to its logo, without forgetting its mobile application and its website. In short, BforBank is getting a makeover.

From now on, BforBank is focusing on simplicity and people. Only two offers are available. Even better ? They are without commitment and without income conditions. Until May 13, 2024. We'll explain.

Up to €200 offered at BforBank

To begin with, let us point out that BforBank strongly favors people and puts customer service at the heart of its new positioning. In this sense, its advisors are all based in France and can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even if you contact the bank chat, it is a human who manages it.

While competing banks tend to deploy a multitude of offers, even if it means losing customers, BforBank chooses simplicity with only two offers. Simple and effective.

To welcome you, BforBank is offering you up to €200

© BforBank

On the one hand, BforBASIC offers the essentials for free. All basic banking services at no cost to you. This offer gives you access to a virtual and physical bank card and allows you to make free instant transfers and monitor all your transactions in real time from the BforBank application. The physical card is subject to a payment limit of 1,500 euros over 30 rolling days and a withdrawal limit of 500 euros over 7 rolling days. For the virtual card, you can pay up to 500 euros over 30 rolling days and withdraw up to 500 euros over 7 rolling days.

As for the BforZEN formula, it is aimed at people who need a more premium offer. The ceilings are higher: you can pay up to 3000 euros with the physical card and up to 1000 euros with the virtual card over 30 rolling days. You can make up to 1000 euros in withdrawals over 7 rolling days with your physical card.

But the BforZEN offer does not stop there. Indeed, it gives you the possibility to pay outside the euro zone free of charge up to 1000 euros per month and to benefit from comprehensive travel insurance and assistance. It’s ideal for those who want to go abroad without the hassle. In addition, BforBank offers you a personalized annual report accompanied by an advisor. If you are interested in the BforZEN formula, it is available for 4 euros per month.

Until May 13, 2024, you have every reason to discover BforBank. . Initially, a maximum bonus of 50 euros will be paid to any new customer opening a first DAV account (BforZEN or BforBASIC) before May 13.

For new customers who have opened a bank account between April 18 and May 13, 2024 and have made a request for banking mobility within 15 days after opening their DAV account, they will benefit from a bonus of 150 euros in vouchers. Finally, if you have chosen BforZEN, you are entitled to 6 months free, which allows you to save 24 euros. All conditions can be found on the official BforBank website.

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