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Advent Calendar D-23: Bitzee, the interactive companion that your children love

© Spin Master

In this festive season, as we count down the days until Christmas with the Advent calendar, D-23 reveals a gift that is a hit with children: Bitzee, the interactive 3D pet from Spin Master, promises to captivate and delight young minds.

Bitzee presents itself as a digital companion designed for children aged 5 and up.This unique toy offers an interactive and immersive experience, thanks to its ability to respond to touches and movements. Kids can interact with Bitzee in many ways, including playing with him, feeding him virtual treats, and watching him grow and evolve from newborn to adult to super Bitzee. This feature provides a seamless gaming experience, with 15 different companions to discover, adding a dimension of surprise and novelty to every interaction. A sort of Tamagochi 3.0.

Bitzee, the Tamagochi 3.0

What sets Bitzee apart is its tactile and responsive nature. Equipped with sensitive sensors, it responds to caresses and gestures, making it an almost living companion for children. With its practical dimensions of L14 x W11 x H14 cm, Bitzee is compact enough to take anywhere, providing children with a constant companion.

In addition to fun, Bitzee plays an important role in children's development. By interacting with this digital companion, children improve their hand-eye coordination and creativity. Additionally, by caring for Bitzee, they learn responsibility, an essential aspect of their personal development.

Price and availability Bitzee, the interactive 3D companion

Bitzee, the interactive 3D animal, is available at most distributors at a price of 43 euros. Enough to please your children without breaking the bank. Guaranteed cardboard!

Please note, the Bitzee is recommended for children aged 5 and over. Since these are luminous technologies, monitoring over extended usage time is recommended.

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