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Advent Calendar D-24: Toniebox, the story box 2.0

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You already know story boxes, but do you know the Toniebox ? The Toniebox is an innovative audio system designed especially for children, ideal for an unforgettable Christmas gift. What better way to close our Tech Advent Calendar 2023 ?

What is the Toniebox??

The Toniebox is therefore an audio player suitable for children, designed to stimulate their imagination without the use of screens. With its cubic and rounded shape, equipped with two rubber ears to control the volume, this device offers a unique and safe listening experience for children aged 3 and over. Thanks to its robust design and its ability to withstand shocks, the Toniebox is ready to follow your children on all their adventures, even the most… dynamic.

The Toniebox offers a wide range of audio content, from stories and songs to nursery rhymes. To start a story, you will have to choose from a whole batch of figurines called “Tonies” which use NFC technology. By placing these Tonies on the Toniebox, children can listen to storiesand songs, making learning both fun and interactive. The Tonie library offers content that you can filter by age, providing a tailored and scalable experience. This story box also benefits from numerous agreements with renowned licenses such as Disney cartoons for example.

The Toniebox is designed to encourage independent play. Children can therefore easily operate the device themselves, adjusting the volume, moving forward or backward through the stories without the help of an adult. With a battery life of 7 hours, the Toniebox is perfect for evening stories but also those in the car or on vacation.

In addition to offering hours entertainment, the Toniebox helps improve children's literacy skills.Listening to audio stories promotes the development of vocabulary and listening skills, essential for early learning.

Price and availability of the Toniebox

The Toniebox is priced at 90 euros with one figurine or 100 euros with two figurines . A kit with 4 figurines is also offered at the price of 150 euros. It comes in a slew of colors: Berry, Sky Blue, Cassis, Gulli, Pink, Red, Green, Anthracite, Light Blue. Each additional figurine is sold for 15 euros.

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