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After 28 years, this historic Windows application will disappear

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Everything has an end. And regarding the WordPad software, which Microsoft has offered on Windows since August 1995, this is imminent. This historic software had already been deprecated by Microsoft since 2023. “WordPad is no longer updated and will be removed in a future version of Windows”, had announced Microsoft.

WordPad: the end

And currently, the Redmond company is testing this version of Windows which no longer includes WordPad. As reported by the Tom's Hardware site, Microsoft removed this software in the latest Canary version of Windows 11.

“Starting with this version, the WordPad and People applications will no longer be installed after a new installation of the operating system”, specifies the firm.

For people still using WordPad, Microsoft recommends turning to Word for . doc or .rtf, and turn to Notepad for plain text documents. In any case, the end of WordPad marks the end of an era for Windows.

Indeed, while the firm is removing this software from Windows 11, it is boosting Microsoft Word, as well as Notepad with generative artificial intelligence. Indeed, according to rumors, Notepad will soon be equipped with a writing assistance feature.

A new era for Windows

It should also be noted that like WordPad, Cortana disappears. The old Windows assistant was already deprecated in June 2023, while Microsoft focused on generative artificial intelligence.

As a reminder, instead of Cortana, Windows users will use a new assistant called Copilot, which is based on OpenAI's GPT-4 and DALL-E 3 technologies. This new feature is so important for Microsoft that it created a new key for the Windows keyboard that allows you to invoke Copilot.

  • After deprecating the WordPad software in 2023, Microsoft is testing the Windows 11 update which will remove it from its operating system
  • WordPad users are oriented towards Microsoft Word or Notepad (the latter should soon benefit from an improvement based on generative AI)
  • Microsoft also continues to reject Cortana, his former assistant, to make room for Copilot
  • This new assistant is based on GPT-4 and DALL-E, and will have a special touch on Windows keyboard

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