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After TikTok, the United States threatens to ban DJI

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TikTok could be banned from the United States. Indeed, after a vote by representatives and senators, Congress adopted a text which includes measures aimed at banning the social network from the United States, unless its Chinese owner, Bytedance, separates from it. Subsequently, the text was signed by President Joe Biden (the same text includes an aid package for Ukraine and Israel).

And the next target of the American Congress could well be DJI, the Chinese company leader in the civil drone market. In a recently published article, the New York Times discusses a text which, if adopted, would result in a ban on new DJI drones in the United States.

Entitled “Countering CCP Drones Act”, this text was voted unanimously by the United States House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce. And the next step will be the vote in the House. According to the NYT, this vote could take place in a month or two. Furthermore, the newspaper explains that this text could also have support at the level of the American Senate, which has already adopted measures against Chinese drones in the past.

A ban on new DJI drones by the FCC

If the Countering CCP Drones Act is adopted by both chambers, then signed by the president, it would place the DJI company among one of the entities banned by the FCC, the American telecommunications watchdog. Thus, according to explanations from the New York Times, DJI's next drones would no longer be authorized to operate on American telecommunications infrastructure. On the other hand, this measure would not concern drones in use.

To counter this text, DJI would lead a lobbying campaign in the United States, according to the NYT. In March, the manufacturer also published a blog post in reaction to this text. “Lawmakers behind this legislation continue to reference inaccurate and baseless allegations regarding DJI's operations and have amplified xenophobic narratives in an effort to support DJI manufacturers. local drones and eliminate competition in the market”, we can read in this publication.

  • Joe Biden has just signed a text which plans to ban TikTok from the United States if its Chinese owner, Bytedance, does not part with it
  • The New York Times mentions a another bill, which was unanimously adopted by the United States House Committee on Energy and Commerce and threatens DJI with ban
  • If this text becomes law, it would prohibit new DJI drone models from operating on telecommunications infrastructure in the United States

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