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The future of the iPhone may depend on ChatGPT (or Google)

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At the start of the year, Samsung presented its new Galaxy S24 series which, thanks to a partnership between the Korean brand and Google, includes plenty of new features based on generative artificial intelligence. Thanks to these features, Samsung was able to boost its sales in the premium segment. Furthermore, other brands of Android smartphones should follow suit. And to remain competitive, Apple should also present new features based on generative AI for iOS 18 and for future iPhone 16.

Apple in discussion with OpenAI ?

According to certain sources, to offer these new features, Apple could rely on both on its own technologies, and on those of other companies. Indeed, rumors are circulating about possible negotiations between Apple and OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT. And according to a recent Bloomberg article, these negotiations have recently resumed.

The same article indicates that at the same time, negotiations are also underway with Google, which has developed a competitor to ChatGPT called Gemini. Thus, Apple has not yet decided which companies it intends to collaborate with. But, according to Bloomberg, it is possible that Apple will use both OpenAI and Google technologies. And at this stage, it would also be possible that no agreement will be reached with these two companies. Moreover, Apple has also reportedly discussed with Anthropic, one of the most promising AI laboratories, at the moment.

AI to boost iPhone sales?

Obviously, since this information is unofficial, caution remains in order. But in any case, Apple doesn't have much time left. As you may already know, its WWDC conference is scheduled for June. It is during this event that Apple will present iOS 18 and it is expected that the new AI features of the operating system will be revealed there.

Apple will have to be very convincing, since more and more signals suggest a decline in iPhone sales around the world. In China, due to the comeback of Huawei and competition from other Chinese brands, Apple's market share is declining. According to data from Counterpoint Research, iPhone shipments in the Middle Kingdom fell 19.1% in the first quarter, year-on-year, while the market saw an increase of 1.5%. ;%.

L’iPhone losing speed ?

But in addition to having a problem in China, Apple would also have reason to worry in the United States, on its domestic market. Indeed, a recent CIRP study indicated that across the Atlantic, the iPhone's share of new smartphone activations would be declining.

But obviously, we will have more precise (and official) information on sales generated by the iPhone during the presentation of Apple's quarterly results, which is scheduled for the month of May.

  • Samsung is all about AI to boost its smartphone sales, and other Android device brands should follow his example
  • For its part, Apple is also preparing new features based on generative AI for iOS 18 and for future iPhone 16
  • According to rumors, Apple is expected to rely on its own technologies, and combine them with technologies developed by other companies
  • Negotiations are still underway between Apple and OpenAI, and between Apple and Google
  • No agreement has, for the moment, been found, but AI could make it possible for Apple to boost its iPhone sales at a time when it faces competition from Huawei (which has made a successful comeback) in China

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