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After Vinted, Emmaüs and Abbé Pierre take on Amazon and Jeff Bezos!

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The Emmaüs Label is the solidarity e-commerce site (or activist e-shop) of the Emmaüs Movement. The site brings together 170 Social and Solidarity Economy structures online and offers 2.3 million second-hand objects posted online by people far from employment. A few hours ago, the group launched an awareness campaign aimed at promoting its circular economy model. For this, Emmaüs brings Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon… and Abbé Pierre!

Emmaüs denounces abuses by Amazon, Temu, AliExpress…

Indeed, if last year, the Emmaüs movement had largely pointed the finger at the Vinted group with its action “If you don't wear it, give it away&nbsp ;!“, today it is the book market which is at the heart of the demands. As part of a campaign called “All our books are equal“, Emmaüs returns to the book industry in its whole.

After Vinted, Emmaüs and Abbé Pierre take on Amazon and Jeff Bezos!

© Emmaüs < p>“Buying new books is today the only solution to support authors and independent bookstores. However, the book industry has a significant environmental impact: nearly 150 million new books are unsold and therefore destroyed each year in France. These unsold books represent 25% of the country's literary production, but above all the equivalent of a million trees destroyed, for nothing” explains Emmaüs.

This is why the Emmaüs Label therefore calls on the book industry to think together about an evolution of the legal framework in order to promote the united circulation of books instead of their destruction. Each year, Emmaüs points of sale collect more than 20 million books donated by individuals and the solidarity marketplace has 2 million references.

More broadly, Emmaüs also wishes to denounce compulsive consumption habits, greatly encouraged and maintained by Amazon, AliExpress, Shein, and even Temu. The economic dumping carried out by these platforms is also dangerous in more than one way, since it not only represents an ecological threat for the planet, but it is also unsustainable competition for any local and responsible business.< /p>

For Maud Sarda, co-founder and director of the Emmaüs Label: “There is an urgent need to combat these harmful commercial practices and favor sustainable and fair solutions, which otherwise risk to well and truly disappear.” We have been warned.

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