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Anthracite (Netflix): 3 information on this French series based on real events

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It’s the nice surprise of the moment on Netflix. The French series, Anthracite, the mystery of the sect of the boxes, is currently the most broadcast on the streaming platform. The opportunity for us to tell you more about this production which is worth the detour.

Miscellaneous events from the 90s inspire the scenario

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In 1994, the collective suicide of members of a sect based in a village in the Alps left its mark. 30 years later, a murder respecting the rituals of the time awakens the demons of the past on site.

The population then targets Jaro Gatsi, a young man with a delinquent past who has come to settle in the mountains. Accused, the latter receives help from Ida, a young geek who is trying to find her missing father. This is the start of a thrilling thriller that keeps us in suspense for six episodes.

According to Allociné, the screenwriters were precisely marked by a series of suicides orchestrated by the sect of the Order of the Solar Temple in the 90s in France, Switzerland, and Canada. Its members were convinced that their death would allow them to reach the star of Sirius, a haven of serenity and eternal existence.

Sixteen people were found in December 1995 on the Vercors plateau. Quoted by our colleague, Fanny Robert, co-creator of the series, confides thus: “We started from a small adolescent trauma which was the massacre of Solar temple which took place a few kilometers from where I lived. There was a huge slowdown in the region and it infused our imagination.”

However, the religion of the screen sect was invented for the purposes of this production. It is inspired by Manichaeism, a religion which is based on a separation of the world between the kingdom of Light and the kingdom of Darkness, specifies the specialized media.

What is the casting of Anthracite ?

The cast of the Netflix series hits the mark with very good artists in their respective roles: Kad Merad ( Baron Noir) Hatik (Validated), Stefano Cassetti (Germinal), Jean-Marc Barr (I promise you), Nicolas Godart (Iris and the men ), Camille Lou (Private Hunt), and Florence Muller (Bardot).

A positive reception from spectators and critics

Anthracite widely appeals to Netflix subscribers. According to data from the specialized site FlixPatrol, it is the most viewed series on the service in France, but also in certain countries such as Belgium, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Portugal, Poland, or again Spain and Switzerland.

Critics also appreciate this creation. For example, our colleague Thomas Graindorge du Point greets: “Between its visual elegance and its relevant questioning of the figure of the messianic and manipulative guru, Anthracite achieves its entertainment objective effectively, without polluting our grateful brains too much with dark ideas. ”

If you have already been able to watch Anthracite, the mystery of the sect of the boxes, do you share this point of view ? Tell us in the comments.

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